Mascot catalogo 2018 Mascot 2018 - Page 146

Ready for industrial washing Look for the EN ISO 15797 symbol next to the products. EN ISO 15797 is your guarantee that the clothing can withstand industrial washing and drying. EN ISO 15797 describes the test method that simulates the effect that industrial laundry processes have on the workwear. The test method also sets requirements for the workwear’s colour fastness and wear resistance. Clothing that fulfils the requirements of EN ISO 15797 is labelled with a PRO-label that works as a care label for the industrial laundry. MASCOT’s products with a PRO-label are tested according to test method 8B, which includes coloured workwear that can tolerate tunnel finishing. You can safely leave the washing and care of MASCOT-products with the EN ISO 15797 labelling, to the industrial laundries. All parameters, such as temperature, choice of washing powder and dosage, the fabric type and the characteristics of the stains, are taken into account to guarantee you the best result. At the same time, strict European and international requirements are met to minimise environmental impact. Developed with the industrial laundry in mind • • • • • 146 No hook and loop tape is used All studs are hidden to avoid risk of scratching or catching Studs are open to aid easy replacement (canvas range) Robust triple stitched seams Durable with long life span