Mascot catalogo 2018 Mascot 2018 - Page 128

A lot of space for tools The trousers are equipped with lots of pockets for a busy workday. The spacious, reinforced thigh pocket has a phone pocket and flap closure with hook and loop fastening. The reinforced ruler pocket includes a small external pocket and the reinforced back pockets are securely closed with hook and loop fastening. The hammer loop is adjustable. Rugged look with soft canvas fabric Canvas is a weaving structure that creates a fabric with a rugged, cool look. Durability is high, and there is a bit of stretch in the fabric. This is particularly noticeable when you kneel, and the trousers give a little. Choose between two leg lengths and many sizes Choosing the right leg length is essential to take full advantage of the fit. The trousers come in two leg lengths as standard. Remember also to choose the correct waist size, so your trousers support in the right places when your pockets are filled with tools. Get help to find the correct size in the measurement chart on page 612. High durability on the entire product The long lifespan and high durability of these trousers comes from more than just the fabric. The trousers have triple-stitched seams on exposed areas, and the pockets are reinforced so sharp and pointed tools won’t damage them. Freedom of movement with an ergonomic fit The low waist with form-cut waistband ensures that the trousers provide support and mobility in all movements. In addition, the legs of the trousers have a special construction: the fabric pieces are assembled so that the trousers follow the body’s ergonomics, so nothing that tightens or bothers. 128