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MASCOT ® HARDWEAR Pockets for all purposes The many practical pockets, some with magnetic fastening, make the use of the trousers flexible and therefore also suitable for all professions within construction. The back thigh pocket can be used for a mini tablet, and in general, the many pockets leave plenty of space for tools. Durability at its highest The trousers have many CORDURA ® and Kevlar ® reinforcements to give extra durability at exposed areas and increase the overall durability of the product. At the bottom of the ruler pocket you will find Kevlar ® - a material that is especially puncture resistant to pointed and sharp objects. The high durability of the front pockets is ensured by CORDURA ® reinforcements. These are especially important when power tools hang from the pockets. Ventilation at the ergonomically formed trouser leg The material at the knees has to endure many hours of wear so these have kneepad pockets with the well-known and durable fibre CORDURA ® . The kneepad is inserted from above, and the kneepad pocket is closed with a hook and loop fastening and flap, so they don’t collect dirt. On the outside of the knees, you’ll find ventilation ducts to provide airflow around the knees, where it is often especially warm when using kneepads. Stretch for the sake of comfort The trousers are very comfortable to wear because of the stretch areas that are placed where you need extra flexibility in an active workday. The stretch inserts, especially around the knees and the lower back, lead to increased freedom of movement, particularly when working on your knees. In addition the trousers feature ergonomically designed trouser legs and a fitted waistband so that they follow all body movements. Extend the trouser legs yourself To gain full benefit from the fit and ensure the kneepad pockets are placed correctly, it is vital to choose trousers with the right leg length. The trousers come in three leg lengths as standard, but if your leg length is between sizes, you can easily solve it with these trousers. Instead of shortening your trousers, you can extend the trouser legs by removing the red stitching on the inside – for example with a knife – [Z[ ˜KLL