Mascot catalogo 2018 Mascot 2018 - Page 107

MASCOT ® HARDWEAR Very durable trouser material These trousers don’t just have CORDURA ® reinforcements at exposed areas, the fabric itself has a high content of CORDURA ® that increases the durability, for example, on the trousers’ thighs, where extra reinforcements aren’t suitable. Room for tools The trousers are developed for craftsmen that carry lots of tools in their trousers. The holster pockets and ruler pocket each have divided spaces within the pockets to be used as you wish. The thigh pocket has an automatically closing flap with magnetic fastenings. Under the holster pockets you will find front pockets, at the back you will find two spacious back pockets and at the waistband you will find two tool straps. Extremely durable pockets Holster pockets and kneepad pockets are often the most worn area on trousers, and therefore both the holster pockets and kneepad pockets are made of the durable material CORDURA ® . The CORDURA ® reinforcements on exposed areas give the product a long lifetime. Trousers with super ergonomics Trousers with an ergonomic fit ensure that the trousers follow the body’s natural movements. This means, for example, that the trousers fit closely at the waist as you lean forward and that there is no excess fabric to bunch at the back of the knees, when you kneel. In this way, the ergonomical HۜXY\\Y™[\\[H[[X]HYYHو[ݙ[Y[ [\[ٝ[[BX[]HHYY][ۈYHXY\[[[B\\YY]HHYˈ\H\\\H[BY][ۘ[YH[[H]Y][ˈH[X\HX]\X[\˜ۋXXZ\H\\ٝ[YܝXHX\L