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Tested to work - Both a slogan and way of working Tested to work is not just a slogan; it is the most important company value at MASCOT. It is the way we work and the way we strategically assess things. Behind Tested to work are two main principles: first, to do things carefully and correctly based on a proven understanding and second, to have a strong focus on how the solution is relevant and easy to apply to the target group. In practice, this company value is reflected in all areas of our work. We aim to be Tested to work in all stages of production, service and appearance. We implement strict control policies from raw materials and dyeing to sewing and shipping. Suppliers, sewing factories and distributors are continuously monitored and we have stringent requirements for our partners. Tested before production Fit and function: When we develop new workwear, the users are consulted during the course of development. We send the workwear to work with the professionals. The workwear is used for a period of time in authentic work situations and exposed to natural wear and regular washing. Everything from fit to functions are tested. The fabric: When MASCOT finds and selects fabrics it happens on the basis of a number of physical and chemical tests that are carried out on several standardised machines in MASCOT’s own laboratories in both Denmark and Vietnam. It is to ensure the quality of, for example, the products’ wear resistance, tearing and tensile strength of the raw material, purity of colour, shrinkage, stability of dimension and weight. When the final fabrics are delivered to the raw material storage, all products are screened with a powerful light in order to localise any possible loom errors prior to production. 10