MASC Annual Reports MASC Annual Report 2017 - 2018 - Page 7

School Program Since its inception, the core of MASC’s work is to offer arts education in schools. It is our firmly held belief that arts and cultural opportunities provide students with a different perspective and offer a set of new tools to respond creatively to challenges set before them. This sets the stage for children to embrace the rich diversity of our communities and enhances their understanding and appreciation of different art forms. What Programs During the 2017-18 school year, 84,300 students participated in 301 performances and 1029 workshops. Additionally, 44 residencies were offered providing a deeper experience with a professional artist for projects spanning more than three days. Seniors Program The MASC Seniors program has been offering high-quality arts and cultural programming to seniors’ venues for 8 years. In 2017-18 MASC’s roster of professional artists offered hands-on workshops and performances at 53 seniors’ venues across the city, to 4418 seniors. In all, MASC artists presented 56 performances, led 43 workshops and engaged seniors in five residency projects. Like our school program, MASC was in the fortunate position to be able to provide subsidies to venues serving seniors. In 2017-18 we allocated $14,182 in subsidies to 46 venues offering rich artistic programming to over 2600 seniors. As with the school programs, these activities would not have taken place without the subsidies MASC is able to offer. Art au travail Art au travail offered subsidies for professional arts activities for businesses located in the Outaouais region. This project was offered in partnership with Culture Outaouais. 13 organizations worked with 10 artists on a variety of exciting art projects that acted as team-building exercises and have brought wonderful art pieces into restaurants, store fronts and meeting rooms. The media took notice of this unique initiative and many of the projects were highlighted on Radio-Canada, Info 007, La Petite Nation, Le Droit, Bulletin d’Aylmer, and Télé-Québec (La Fabrique culturelle, Vitrines sur la rue Eddy). 6