MASC Annual Reports MASC Annual Report 2017 - 2018 - Page 4

Who “ Every so often in the life of an organization there is a year of upheaval and uncertainty. Here at MASC, 2017-2018 was that year. The loss of a number of key staff and Board members, the extended absence due to illness of our Executive Director Audrey Churgin and the disruption of our traditional funding sources, put enormous strain on the organization. Many organizations collapse at this juncture of their evolution but our incredible staff, funders and members of the community were just not ready to see that happen and stepped up with unparalled commitment and energy. We have to particularly mention Micheline Shoebridge and Wendy Hartley who, while still doing their regular jobs, thankfully agreed to share the Executive Director position. They worked tirelessly for more hours than we thought humanly possible to bring us through to the other side of this crisis and have imbued all staff and Board Members with their enthusiasm to strengthen and reinvigorate MASC. The focus on students was the initial impetus for MASC when it was conceived almost 30 years ago, and it remains one of the pillars of the organization. We are committed to bring new vitality and relevance into our programming every year. The landscape of education has changed drastically since our beginning and we will continue to use the power of art in support of educators to address issues that we couldn't even conceive of thirty years ago. Since those early days, under the leadership of Jennifer Cayley and Audrey Churgin, supported by exceptional staff, our mandate has grown to encompass seniors and communities at risk. The potential for growth in this area is enormous and as society grapples with issues of inclusion, diversity and gender norms, our challenge will be to manage that growth in a responsible and effective way. 2017-18 The third pillar of MASC is one that is often not given the attention it deserves outside the community. We are the second largest employer of artists, after the National Arts Centre, in Eastern Ontario. In real terms, that means that artists can supplement and nurture their artistic practise while doing exciting and relevant work that connects them to the community and to other artists with whom they can collaborate and share expertise. The potential for growth and renewal at MASC is enormous and we are all excited that in the spring of 2019, with the support of the City of Ottawa, we will be embarking on an extensive strategic planning process that will celebrate all we have accomplished in the last thirty years and to set our sights enthusiastically on the years to come. “ Jane Ellens & Dan Pearlman 3 Co-chairs, Board of Directors