MASC Annual Reports MASC Annual Report 2017 - 2018 - Page 3

Who MASC For the past 28 years MASC has been dedicated to offering professional artistic and cultural experiences for the residents of Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec in English and French. Through arts education programs in schools, community- engaged arts programs in neighbourhoods and long-running specialized events, MASC enriches our community through arts and cultural programming. Staff List Board of Directors Audrey Churgin Executive Director Jane Ellens Co-Chair (on leave as of Mar. 2018) Wendy Hartley Co-Interim Executive Director Micheline Shoebridge Co-Interim Executive Director Sandy Irvin English Program Director (as of Jan. 2019) Catherine Sirois Francophone Program Director (until July 2018) Chantal Racine Francophone Program Director (as of Sept. 2018) Cheryl Carman English Bookings Coordinator Miriam Westland Office Manager and Event Assistant (until July 2018) Suzan Lavertu Office Manager and Event Assistant (as of Sept. 2018) Chris Jackson Publications Manager (as of May 2018) Dan Pearlman Co-Chair (as of May 2018) Thomas Baribault Chair/Director (Chair until May 2018) Gabriella Lopez Treasurer (until July 2018) Norman Adams Treasurer (as of July 2018) Nicole BĂ©langer Artist Representative Rachel Guy-Levine Director Courtney Doagoo Director Kate Wetherow Director Committees A number of MASC events have strong volunteer and partner committees without whom we would not be able to run such fabulous events. We acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the: MASC Arts Awards Committee MASC Young Authors and Illustrators Committee Your Story Committee Festival de danse en milieu scolaire Committee Photos: Martin Lipman, Marianne Duval, Bill Juillette and Randy Kelly 2