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Learn to DJ Do you love music and want to learn how to DJ? Come learn the basics of beat mixing from a DJ with over 20 years experience. Bring your own headphones if you have them all other gear is provided. Age Day Time Start & End Dates # of Classes Cost Location Instructor 13+ Mon 7:00pm-7:45pm Jan. 9-Feb. 13 6 $50 North Ridge Randy First Aid & CPR We will be offering one Red Cross Standard First Aid & CPR course this winter and another one in the spring, dates to be determined. If you need to recertify, we offer this option as well (Sunday only). You will need to bring your current certification with you for verification. The course will be available in both “Blended Learning” format (course can be partially done on-line at YB][^[BX][T[^JK[܂XB]X][]BY[]Y^\˂BTY\][ۂY܂P[YBX\[X\R[L YB^B\]\‚[YB][ۂ[X܂M ‚]IT[[LILB [KM B LB[܂I BY܂\X\\]YBP[BXBZ[[\[ۈZYYZ[[[YH[]H]\[ۙHHܝ[]HܙX]HHۙHوH[[\œZ[[ˈ[X[ۜ\YۈH[\H[H][]Y\][ۜ܈[[\[[[Z[ [Z[Y\]HH[ۈوXܙX][ۙHYXH܈ܙX][[]YX[X\\YX\ˈ[Z[X]\X[[H\YY YH]܈YH[Z[H[YH܈YH\[YHHBYB^B[YB][ۂ[X܂[PY\‚] SX\LLBN KM B B]XP[BLL\\YBY[ۛB] SX\LLBΌ KLL B ]XP[BLL\\YB[PY\‚KSX\LN KM B B]XP[BLL\\YBY[ۛBKSX\LΌ KLL B ]XP[BLL\\YBSSSURSPBB