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Little Buttons Baby Signing Little Buttons is an intro to Baby Signing Time, a fun way to learn some basic American Sign Language using music while interacting with your baby. Our goal is for improved communication and bonding with your baby. During the 6 weeks, we will learn signs for foods, family, animal, clothing and more. Come out and meet other families in your community. Age Day Time Start & End Dates # of Classes Newborn - 4 Mon 9:00am-9:45am Feb. 27-Apr. 3 Cost 6 Location Instructor $125 MAP Sue Parent & Tot Skate An opportunity for you to come out and XX[\\]K\H\\H\YB][]HYH[][\]HۙKYB^B[YB\ []\KMBY\‚L [KLL X[B[LSX\LB][ۂYBܝP[BX\]BXX[\X][[Y[Y\\Z][ܙX]]H^\[ۈ[][\[\[Y[Xܛ]XH[[YHH\X ܙ YH^B[YB\ []\‚و\\‚][ۂ[X܂MB\ LN [KLLN X[B[MKSX\LML ܝP[B[[BMB\‚[MKSX\LML ܝP[B[[BNM\KL BZ[H[ݙ\‚[XX]]BX\Y\ܘ[B]]]XX\\\X[X[\X[\[Y܂\K\X[[]YXX[ۂ\ۙY[Y\X[BX]]Y\˂BU^B][Y[BX[\\X]\XX\X[Z[XY[][ۋBSX\\QXL YB^B\ []\‚[YBو\\‚][ۂ[X܂Y[M SX\LMB BL [^BSX[܂ܞ\[MBY[M SX\LMB \BL [^BSX[܂ܞ\[ܝP&\‚\\ܘ[BY\\[ۂ]BPP&\[ق\ܝKBPY[]KP[[KX[Pܙ[][ۋBU\B][XB[X\]YXB]\Y]B[قBY\[Y[Y\Y[X[XX]]Y\˂BQ[[Y[[[[ݙ[Y[\[\XX\][ZX[X[X][][X[XBBݙ\Y R[LX\][XBZ[X]]BSܝTYBP[][]BP[KSX\QXL BYB^B[YB\ []\‚و\\‚][ۂ[X܂[ۂNKM B[NKSX\LL N[^BSX[܂^[B‚[ۂ KMB[NKSX\LL N[^BSX[܂^[BIMB[ۂKMΌM\B[NKSX\LL [^BSX[܂^[B]ۈ\[[K[[\X‚\XXX\[قP]ۋQ[KX[Q[[\X][XBY^][Y܂X[[[قX[XY\˂BUBZ[X܂][YXB[Z^X]BXXX\X[Y\[ۂ]BX\X[قX[]YBX\X\˂BP]ۜ][XBZ[YYZ[]\\ܘ[BX]]B][[YYXBY\][قB ]Y[\B]BY]][BXXX]]BY[[ق]B^YX\BU\][XBXXY[ۂ]BY\Y^B[قX\\˂BBU\B][X[BBX[[[ۂ]\\\BZY^[BY\\KBRY^[BZ]B^[\[ۋ\X\BX[Z]]]BX\˂BSX\QXL BYB^B[YB\ []\‚و\\‚][ۂ[X܂ MY KM \B[M SX\LMBL BܝTYB]\BLLY \KMΌB[M SX\LMBL BܝTYB]\BB