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Martensville Library – Registered Programs MARTENSVILLE LIBRARY Imaginati ons Kidz Club • Monday 4:00pm – 5:00pm • Ages: 8 -12 (Must be able to work independently) • Registrati on Required — Limited Spots — Register at the Library TECH TIME – Monday mornings at 10AM – 12PM • Winter Session: Jan 16 – Mar 13 (8 weeks) All Ages o No Program during the Family Week School Break—Monday, Feb 20th Drop by during this time if you need assistance with setting up your devices for eBooks, help on your mobile device or on the computer, help with a writing a reIn this free program kids will parti cipate in diff erent acti viti es each week including Lego challenges, science & engineering sume or assistance related acti viti es and craft s. accessing library resources We have 2 people on staff and will have time to assist. Ê Books N’ Babies FALL PROGRAMS/EVENTS—2016 • • • • o Tuesday 10:15am & 1:15pm BOOKS ‘N’ BABIES – Tuesday mornings at 10:15AM Ages: Babies up to 1 Year Ages: Babies up to 18 Month Registrati on Required — Limited Spots — Register at the Library Registration Required — Limited Spots — Register at the Library Winter Session: Jan 17—Mar 14 (8 weeks) Session 1: Sept 20 - Oct 25 Session 2: Nov 1 – December 6 No Program Family Week School Break— Feb 21 MARTENSVILLE LIBRARY LOCATION: CIVIC CENTRE 66 MAIN STREET MARTENSVILLE, SK This free 6-week program is for caregivers & babies up to 18 months. The program This free program is for caregivers and babies and will focus on developing early literacy skills through rhymes, stories and will focus on developing early literacy skills through rhymes, stories and songs. songs. Learn literacy ti ps and informati on on special topics related to parenti ng in the early stages of childhood. Learn literacy tips and information on special topics related to parenting in the early SERVICES: stages of childhood. Register at the Martensville Library. Learn at the Library - Knitti ng Ê Books • eBooks • Audio Books• • Thursday 4:00pm–5:00pm Magazines • DVDs - Movies & IMAGINATIONS KIDZ CLUB - Tuesday afternoons at 4:00 – 5:00PM Ê • Ages: 11+ (Must be able to work independently) TV • Hoopla • Online Catalogue Ages: on Required — Limited Spots — Register at the Library 8 -12 (Able to work independently) • Registrati to order Books & Manage AcRegistration Required — Limited Spots — Register at the Library • Winter Session: Jan 12 – Feb16 (6 weeks) count • Online Resources • Fall Session: Sept 20 – Dec 6 (12 weeks) Ê Databases-Ancestry, ng skills Press Display, You will learn the basics of knitti This free program will ng and make a fun project to keep. 4 weeks will be dedicated to learning knitti run for 12 weeks for ages 8 -12. Kids will participate in difZinio •Public Access Computers and 2 weeks of help to 6WFPFP&V7B&v&P&fFV@'W@PvVV@F'&pW vGFpVVFW0( fW&VB7FfFW2V6vVV6VFrVv6VvW266V6RbVvVW&r&VDFW&W@( vf( "66W W&66PVVFW0g&ЗFPƖ'&'f CR&PFWF0FP6P@@`VVFW0F&P&fFV@@&Vv7G&F( VB7FfFW2B7&gG2FW&R&RƖ֗FVBV&W"b76W2f&RB&Vv5&FrbF6rf"fV^( G&Ff"FR&w&Ц2&WV&VB'FV7fPWFF 666W 6V6&Vv7FW #bBFR'FV7fRƖ'&'F&W2f"7GVGrWv&8vP&P6W6FV@&W@F0W@6֖pWFF 6V6vPfPWvǐ&VfFV@fV@f FP#pWFF 6V6vPv&P7F'F( 6pƖPǐ&Vv7G&F06֖p֖@V'V6PFPvPD@W6W@ƖP5D%DPvVFW6FbFW'6F&w0BTЬ8Ĕ%$%U%3VG2vPvfPV@G&f`v@f FPWFF 6V6V6PvF6W vV'vPf FFW0@FW vW3&R66G& 9Ɩ֗Bb3G2W"7F'FR8fBwwr'FV7fW666W"6ФF( C%( CФfvFW,86W768 86WL8#88 8FV<88GVW6F( C%( CР'FV7fP666W 7G0666W W'0Fvf vW0S`7F'Fp@FPvP`B@S( 2vP6fPSS @F2g&VR&w&2vV&VBf"&R66vR6G&VFPG2vV7F&W2vVFW6F( C%( CХS@FV0F@v7@FV0vFFPfWFPfW60vPw&W0Sb@S( 2@F0FPF6P6w2B7&gG2&VVBBgVF7W&RV6'F6Fr6BvVV@&PFPǐFV0vFF( @FW'6F( C%( CЧ7F'FRF6WB&Vf&RVFW&rFR&w&֖r&F6WG2&Rǒf@gVFVЖf"`PfP&RB&Vf&RV67F'FRg&FRƖ'&&g&F( C%( CbЦW"FW&W7FV@F6P8vPw&W0vP6f 6GW&F( C5ФĔ%$%$4T"( 2VWFw2FRF 86VV@vFFW Fv7VF44T@vW3GV@FPfWV6P6F7@W0W"GVB&6V"VWG2WfW'FbV&W'2FRGW&27FrVWFw0f 琖gW'FW f&FBr&VFr6VV7F2bR&RFW&W7FVBrV6R6F7BFP4D5BU3Ɩ'&'88S3bӓSbs3UD"d4BW&RWGF@FW'6F7F&W"gFr8W&RWGFBWF"bFR&2FW&SW'7V7FfW2Ɩ6rBVFW'6B&RFW&S6vG2g&FP7G&VWBv&RBFRƖ'&'F7V&WB2&2B&VW76vRb7G&rVFW'6FW&6TTŒ$4$t24BVFࠣ3'FV7fRƖ'&'vVFB66wwrvVFB66ƖRW2f6V&'FV7fTƖ'&'VWWFFFR&w&2bWfVG2␠uurTŔ$44