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Sask. Valley Riding Club The Sask Valley Riding Club was formed in 1996 and is made up of members of all ages, promoti ng a family atmosphere. The club holds several events throughout the year to support causes or chariti es that are of special interest to its members including the Kinsmen Telemiracle Foundati on, the Equine Health Research Fund, and Breast Cancer Research. Some of the events organized include fun gymkhanas, poker rally’s, the Telemiracle Pony Express 8-Day Ride. In additi on, we coordinate various riding clinics for club members throughout the year and take part in as many local parades as we can. Weekly winter riding was added in 2011. Both English and Western riders can enjoy some of the advantages of membership, including access to our library which contains an assortment of training videos and books. As a club we enjoy spending ti me with other people, both riders and non-riders alike, that share our interest in horses. In doing so, we are given a chance to learn from each other and the various experts we have contact with along the way. Our goals include helping each other, helping our horses and helping our community. Whether you’re just looking for some new people to ride with or for the opportunity to learn a litt le more about your horse in a relaxed atmosphere, the Club may be right for you. Come on out and let’s se B]]]BX[[X\YBYXX[\۝XT\՘[^TY[XXZ[ B[܂XX]B]X]Bx$]˜\ݘ[^\Y[XB[܂[ZB]\[ۂQXX˂‚X\[ݚ[HZ[܈^H\X][ۂ\L M̌ MSZ[܂R^B\X\ۂZ\Z[Y[\[˂BTX\B]\][\]X\]BX]]˛X\[ݚ[Z^KH܈Y[Y[Y\]X[BY][X[X۝XZ[ܛX]B[ۂY܂[\Y^X]B]BX[]X[\˂BBBSX\[ݚ[BSZ[܂R^BP\X]B[ۂZ\XBYܛ\[قYYX]Y][Y\\\[\^Y\X[X[][]B\\\BBH[[ۂH[H\HHݚYBHBH^BHܘ[BH܂H[[H[BH[HX\[ݚ[BH[H\[[H\XBH[HBܚ]]\]Y][^[[XY[X[ۂX[[ٙB]BZXKSSRBY[\Y\Y[YZ\\^KY][Y[ ZX[BB\]B]B[ۂX[\\ۘ[Yܛ SSRB]\\]Y[\B]]Y]\BX[]\^\Z^BZ[[\[ܙ[^]B[ۂY[]BBX\ۂ]]XB\[B[ق\]B\٘XB[ۂX[XX\\Y[ B][H^\Y[YHHY[\H[H\ۘ[B][Y[H[H]HXXH[Y\H[HBHX\ۂB]XBYY[[[قXBZ؂][YۙKx'VBKKKKR]8&\[[ܙBBYHܚ[]\\[\\و[Y\܈ݙ\ YX\B[Z\XBY[YHx'B‚\\\‚[YH^H[Z]YB܈[[ Y[‚BH[HBH[X]B[H[Yx&\H MLH\^BH[H MB[]BP[YBQ^BP[Z]YYB[YY^[\Z[HHU\Y[BB[Y[ۙBY^BY][]Z\XB[[ق\\\]B[ۂX[]\BX\BBX[BZ؜XYX[\X[ ]]X[[ۛBXBXX\\YB]]BZ[[ق][Y\˂BUx&\B[ܝ\]XBBܙX]Y][KB]BZ[X]XB[[ݚYB\ܙY[Z\X[XYBXYB[]BX\BY]BB[Y^]Y]X[X]B]]\HBBBHۙKZ\܈Z\[\[\\\\X]H܈Y\ Y[ ]Z[XBY\^\[X\[ݚ[KY\^\[\X[Y[[X BH\\]ۈY[ٙ\[\[\\\ [\\[\\[X\H\\[[H\ۚ[\[\œXX[^Y\\܈Y[°H]]H ۙK][YHܛ\\ۜ]Z[XB\H[H\HH[X]BH\H]B[۸&\H\^BHYH\BB[[\[ۂX[][]KUB\B[[YYZ[]]\[[B[Y\H[HXB]]BY\HB[[Hܘ[H[Hۜܜ\B]\[\^\X[YB[[\[B]Z[[][ۂP[YBB^HHBHH]Y[[BH܂H\H][H\HܛۂHXY[BH[B\B]\BX\[X][BLML\[B]Y[YY]BB^B[\^YX\BBBHBZXš[B™BˆB\™X\B\YB۝X]\ZY^[BX[Z[BQB\[[]][Y\[BۂH][H^KH[H]\][H[H]Y[HBH\BB܂HܙX]H[H[BHH[ HH^\Y[BBX\\KHHX\BH[HBHX\[ݚ[BH[ܛX]B[ۂBH\]܂H[BHH L L ͌H܂H[XZ[H\H]BX\[ݚ[Z[\[ ]B˙Z[Y[\\ B\^KS[ NLKMLB