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Girl Guides Girl Greatness Starts Here: Girl Guides of Canada (GGC) stands for what it has always stood for - fun, friendship and adventure. GGC is a safe, accepti ng environment with diverse and exciti ng programs and acti viti es that off ers girls the chance to learn, grow and discover through age-appropriate programming. From sports, camping and science to ecoacti viti es, fashion design and community projects, Guiding’s girl-centred programming has something for everyone. Guiding is bold, fun, energeti c and gives girls the tools and resources they need to achieve greatness. Our year runs from September unti l April for Sparks (grades K & 1), Brownies (grades 2&3) Guides (grades 4, 5 & 6), Pathfi nders (grades 7, 8 & 9) and Rangers (10, 11 & 12). We’re always looking for Guide Leaders and you can join anyti me throughout the year. No experience required. Please email if you have any questi ons. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Martensville Block Parents Have you ever thought about becoming a Block Parent? The applicati on process is very easy and there is no cost involved. You can be a Block Parent even if you work during the day or are not a parent. The sign only needs to be displayed when you are available to help. There are currently only 35 Block Parent homes in Martensville and we are looking to increase that number. If you have any questi ons or would like to become a Block Parent please contact Nicole Moyer at 306-384-7944 or We look forward to hearing from you! ________________________________________________ Lions Club We will be holding our annual Christmas Turkey Bingo at the Heritage Centre on December 11th at 2:00pm. Come and spend an hour with us to learn more about our programs. Starti ng up again in January regular meeti ngs take place on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm at the Heritage Centre. Contact Syl Serblowski at 306-931-2247 or if you are interested in more informati on on the programs or becoming a Lions member. Insura nce e Claim s Acce pted MOB Repair ILE Aut o Glas and MOBIL s Rep Serv lacemen PLU E Au Repa ice t S Flat to Gla ir an “Bring Glass Serv d Re ss ing the ices!! pla Servic cement PL Ema Tools il JAG to YouUS Fla MOBIL plus t Gla e @sas or call !!” ktel EVisi ss Ser Autto 361wwGla 4527 .net vices! w.JA Gplu Repla and ss ! patoda cem ir y!! Em ent MO BILE Repa Auto ir an Glass d Re placem Serv PLUS ent ice Flat Glass “B “B Serv ririn nggi ices!! inng g th thee Email Tool ail JA olss to JAGp Gplus toYo You! Celebrat @sask or cal lus@s u!!”!” or ing Eigh ViVisit ww calll 361-45asktel t Year .nett s of Com sit ww w.J 361-4 27 mun w.JAAGplu 527 ity Gp tod Loca lly Own today! ed and ay! Ope !! Ser vic e Your City; Thre The Mart ensvi Your et AA baseball JULY INSID News e Str lle Midg VOLU week end for Pg. 5 Comm - Marten sville unity Officia Thrift Store lly Opens ! Out their provi ncial YOUR AD HERE AS LOW AS 50 cutive issue s) Mart ensvi lle had an Messenge amaz r’s own ing week Junio r Repo end of rter, pitch ing from Tyler the mounJanzen, d. Phot o Cour tesy of: an air Puddle Jumpers Preschool is a private preschool that offers a caring l