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LOCAL SERVICE GROUPS Martensville Amateur Softball Association (MASA) / Twin City Angels (TCA) The Twin City Angels would like to thank all parti cipants in this fall’s player evaluati ons. The four ‘A’ teams will be fi nalized at the end of January, 2017. The purpose of the fall evaluati ons were to allow players to be tested in more accurate playing conditi ons, and allow for two evaluati on games. Going forward a smaller group of players, who have been identi fi ed by their evaluati on scores and coaching evaluati ons, will be further evaluated before fi nal team selecti on in January. This will also give players who were injured or unaware of tryouts an opportunity to be evaluated based on the same criteria, with the excepti on of game play. The identi fi ed players for the smaller groups are listed on the martensvillesoft website. All fi nal rosters will be posted by January 31st, 2017 for the upcoming season. REGISTRATION for ALL divisions for the 2017 Soft ball Season will be opened online from Jan. 1st to Jan. 21st, 2017. We are doing on- line registrati on and payment this year. The link will be found at www.martensvillesoft Division Ages and Fees for 2017 are as follows: Martensville Storm • U8 Rookie 2009, 10, 11 - $120.00 • U10 Mites 2007 & 2008 - $120.00 Twin City Angels • U12 Squirt 2005 & 2006 - $250.00 • U14 Pee Wee 2003 & 2004 -$250.00 • U16 Bantam 2001 & 2002 - $250.00 • U18 Midget 1999 & 2000 - $250.00 (Fee’s subject to change) JK Martial Arts Self Defense and Fitness for Family JK Martial Arts provides a great source of fun while working-out together in the atmosphere of camaraderie and family spirit. The Heritage Centre, 416 6th Avenue South in Martensville NOW Offering childrenFamily and Adult NOW OFFERING Children, andClasses Adult Classes Experience Experience Mano-Mano Mano-Mano Sikaran Sikaran from from Professional Professional Martial Martial Arts Arts Instructors Instructors Jun Jun Santos Santos -- 5th 6th Degree Degree Sikaran Sikaran Black Black Belt, Belt, with with over over 25 25 years years ofof Martial Martial Arts Arts experience experience Kelly Heide of Martensville 4th Kelly Heide of Martensville - 4th Degree Degree Black Black Belt Belt inin Sikaran Sikaran For further information please contact: Jun Santos @ 880-6677 email: Kelly Heide @ 230-5705 email: Upcoming coaching clinic taking place early 2017. Watch our website for more details and dates. Please visit us on our Facebook page, Martensville Amateur Soft ball Associati on, or our website www.martensvillesoft for news and updates. If you require any more informati on please contact Jill, Secretary, at 306-242-7976 or email secretary@martensvillesoft Hours: Sunday - Friday 9am - 10pm Saturday - 8am - 10pm Hours: Sunday - Friday 9am - 10pm Saturday - 8am - 10pm Hours: Sunday -Friday 9am -10pm Hours: Sunday -Friday Friday 9am -10pm 10pm Hours: Sunday 9am Hours: Sunday - -Friday 9am - -10pm Hours: Sunday Friday 9am 10pm Hours: Sunday - -Friday 9am - -10pm Saturday 8am 10pm Hours: Sunday Friday 9am 10pm Saturday 8am 10pm Saturday 8am 10pm Saturday - -8am - -10pm Saturday Saturday - -8am - -10pm Saturday -8am 8am -10pm 10pm 22