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CITY OF MARTENSVILLE EVENTS For more informati on on any of the City events please contact the Recreati on Coordinator at 306-683-5575 or by e- mail at _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Play & Skate with Santa Play & Skate with Santa will take place on Sunday, December 11th from 1:30pm-3:00pm at the Sports Centre. It will be a day full of fun acti viti es for kids! You can go on a sleigh ride, skate or take a picture with Santa, get a candy bag, warm up with hot chocolate, and much more! Look out for details on the poster closer to the date of the event. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Christmas Lights Contest Show us your Holiday Spirit! Decorati ons will be judged on the following criteria: creati vity, quanti ty, and colorfulness. You can register your house or nominate a house you think is beauti fully decorated! E-mail specialevents@ with your name, address and phone number. Registrati on deadline is December 19th. The results will be announced on December 21st - just in ti me for Santa to deliver your prize (value $200)! _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Winter FunFest Give your child an academic advantage in school and beyond! Kumon helps your child become a better learner: • The Kumon Method helps children ages 3 through high school advance their math and reading skills. • Many of our students are studying above grade level. • For over 50 years, Kumon has benefited millions of kids around the world. ©2016 Kumon Canada, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Our annual Winter FunFest full of winter themed acti viti es will take XBB]]BSܝTYBP[B[ۂT]\^KBXX\BH  H M˂HBHX[]B[ۂHقB[܂X[[]܂XXB]]BY\Z[Y[BZYHY\HB\BH] H[BH\\B[ۂH\B[HۂHH[B]XH[ܙBH[HX\[YBHBHܙX]B[Z[BH[\Z[Y[ HBH[H[BBHYH]HBH[\BXHB\]ܚBH[H\X\HYBH\[BHYB[BH[HZBHHXZBHBHۘ]B[ۂH܂B[Y\H܂H\H][ HX\BH[XZ[BXX[][X\[ݚ[KKY[HH\[ܚY[][ۈ^HBSSӈPU PQSSHшTUӈ HԕL  LZ[\]H H[\\H[JB M LMH8([Z[YPZ[[ۋBL‚