Martensville Messenger June 16, 2016 - Page 6

Martensville Curves Always Working for Bigger and Better Page 6 - june 16, 2016 - martensville messenger Lacie Munholland, Martensville Messenger TRAFFIC Impaired Driver Charged in Warman Hit and Run On June 7th at 10:54 pm, a hit and run was reported on Haichert Street in Warman. Members made patrols and located a vehicle with damage. The 26 year old male driver was charged with impaired driving. Stolen Vehicle Involved in Single Vehicle Rollover June 8th at 1:36 pm members attended to a single vehicle rollover on Highway 14. The 2012 Ford truck was hit by a vehicle which failed to stop at the stop sign entering the highway. This vehicle then left the scene and was later recovered on a grid road outside of Saskatoon. The vehicle has been reported stolen from Saskatoon. Four Teens Involved in Accident Taken to Hospital June 9th at 9:30 pm, a vehicle went off a grid road south of Warman and into a field. The four teen occupants in the vehicle were taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. No Injuries Reported in Camper Accident June 12 at 12:08 pm an accident involving a camper van and a truck towing a camper occurred. There was minor damage to both vehicles, no injuries occurred. PROPERTY Vandalism Occurs in Martensville Park Break and Enter Reported at New School in Warman June 12th at 8:45 am a report was received that the new school being built in Warman was broken into. The compound was entered, but not sure if anything was taken. Police Receive Report of Stolen Material Near Borden June 9th at 12:00 pm report was received of spray painting at the Lions Park in Martensville that occurred overnight. Members attended and made inquiries in the neighborhood. June 13th at 8:40 am report was received of electrical cable stolen from a rural area near Borden. Damage Occurs to Vehicle Left at Paradise Beach June 11th at 12:15 am a loud party was reported on Martens Crescent. Members attended and the party was shut down. June 10th at 10:23 am a vehicle was reported damaged while left overnight at Paradise Beach. There are no suspects. It is recommended that vehicles are not left at this location overnight, as they are often damaged. Flatdeck Trailer Stolen From Langham June 10th at 10:30 am, a flatdeck trailer was reported stolen from a residence in Langham. Suspects are un vBF2FRࠥTPVB'G&W'FV@vVG7FW0&V6RFRvW"`7W'fW0'FV7fP&FVǒRV vvFWrvW'67FW22FR6vW0FFRv&WB7GVF7FW22G&GV6V@&G&6RƖ֖6V2WfV2B"2vV2&r7FW027W'&VFǒWFFpFR6W2B0f7W6r&RW6p7W'fW56'B7W'fW00WFFpFRG&VƖ72FV 6W2Fp67&V6W2FRFff7VG`FR6RB7&V6W0FRVƗGbv&WBP2&V6VfrvFWpG&VƖ72FR&RVff'@FfGVWG2FFR6RFR&FW FR6RW6W2&67W'fW22WFFVBffP6W2vFFRv`WFFrR6RvVVfrf'v&B7W'fW2'FV7fR2pvƖvFr7W'fW56'BF2v&WBFw0RF6RW'6ƗV@WFrFFR6Rvrf7VwVFPFRf&bw&VV@VrƖvG2FRw&VVƖvBw2RFp^( &RvWGFrFR6'&V7@&vRbFBVrvVBVPVVBFFW""7&V6PFV6GFW&R&Rf&W26WGFw0F7W'fW56'C6&FfBBG&VGW&6RBW66R6R@7G&VwFFR6&F6WGFp27VvvW7FVBf"6VP&BFW"2BFW6( @WFF6ǒ7&V6RFPFff7VFǒbW"v&WBfBBG&2W&fV7Bf &VvW'2FW&VFFW0BGf6VBWfV22B7&V6W2&6VB৖W"FV6GVGW&6P0&V6VFV@f FWFW2B6ǐ&RW6VBf"BbvVV0BFR7W'fW56'@w2V&W'2F7&VFPW&f&6RFW6vr&w&W72fW FRvVB6W2FFV6GB&WWFF৖W"v&WG27W'fW0f7W6W2vFV6GFW'fG&rBW6r36V6BFW'f2F2Bbv&W@2&VVvf"N( 0VffV7FfVW72B&W7VG2FR7W'fW26&7VB2#@֖WFW2vF6֖WFW0FFVBf"7G&WF6r( 0rBV6BV7FvWB3֖WFRvFV6Gv&WBW F7W'fW22rf6V&7W'fW0'FV7fR4ࠤD4PbRfRf&F&Vv&FrF2"FW 7&RV6P6F7@v""BR2bP$4@3bӓsScs3bӓsRc bRfRf&FBRv6F&VW0৖W &W'FrV6R6F7@7&R7FW'2BӃ##"D2Csr7V&֗BFfFV"vV'6FSGG667&W7FW'26 FWBFD#bW FF5$U2#sCc3rࠤ$dSFR7W'fW26'B77FVw2RFW'6ƗRW"v&WB6RvWBW7Fǒv@RVVBg&V6v&WBࠤ$dSFW&R2vFRf&WGbv&WBWVVBf&RB7W'fW2ࠠ