Martensville Messenger June 16, 2016 - Page 13

martensville messenger - june 16, 2016 - Page 13 All school submissions provided by VHS, VMS and MHS Prairie Spirit’s Annual General Meeting Held at Martensville High School From PSSD Board of Education Highlights Prairie Spirit’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) for 2014/15 was held Tuesday, May 17, in the new theatre at Martensville High School. By legislation, school divisions must hold a public meeting every year to provide reports from the Chief Financial Officer, the Board of Education and the Director of Education. ABOVE: The Prairie Spirit AGM was held in the new theatre at Martensville High School on May 17 ABOVE & BELOW: VHS Gr. 6 Amazing Race (May 27th) – students enjoyed an afternoon of reading clues and participating in the events. Fun was had by all. Jim Shields, Chief Financial Officer, presented his final financial report at this year’s AGM as he is retiring later this summer. He explained the school division’s financial statements are extensively audited by both a local auditor and the provincial auditor. The audits are designed to ensure the financial statements are accurate, the school division has the necessary controls in place to safeguard public funds and the school division is complying with provincial legislation. Shields provided an overview of the school division’s revenues and expenses, noting that almost 70% of expenses are for instruction, the school division’s core business. The Board of Education report was presented by Larry Pavloff, Board Chair. “Our work as a Board of Education is all about our students. We make decisions, set strategic directions and create policy, all designed to support student learning as our highest priority,” he said. “We believe our students have tremendous opportunities to learn and grow in each of our schools. We are so proud of the work that is being done throughout the school division.” Pavloff thanked staff members and the administrative leadership team for their work guiding student learning in the Division. Brad Nichol, Principal of Martensville High School, provided an over-view of the school’s busy year, which included a move into the school’s new addition. The original school building is now undergoing extensive renovations. The school’s theme for the year was “On the Move,” which applied not only to the physical environment, but also to the learning environment in the school. Director of Education, John Kuzbik, presented his report, focusing on the strong work of Prairie Spirit’s teachers and staff, despite budget constraints and reductions. Prairie Spirit students are achieving at and above the provincial level in all areas. “We believe all of our students a