Martensville Messenger June 16, 2016 - Page 11

Martensville Youth Practices Entrepreneurial Skills With Lemonade Stand Shanine Sealey, Martensville Messenger In last week’s issue of the Martensville Messenger, a photo was included of a local youth taking advantage of the beautiful weekend of Buster Days by working at a lemonade stand. During the Buster Days parade, multiple members of the Martensville Fire Department stopped in to enjoy a cold, refreshing glass of lemonade from Tanyka’s beautiful stand. This business minded 8 year old has decided to take things to the next level and has entered into a contest through Potash Corps for ‘Lemonade Day Saskatchewan’. The purpose of this program is to help teach youth how to start, own and operate their own business, starting with a lemonade stand. According to the website, this first began in Houston, Texas in 2007 and has since grown from 2,700 kids, to over 1 million kids across North America in 2015. Upon registering, each child receives a backpack with an Entrepreneur Workbook that helps to teach them the fourteen lessons of Lemonade Day, including; creating a budget, setting profitmaking goals, serving customers, repaying investors, and giving back to their communities. There are numerous benefits to this program including lessons learned in a wide variety of life skills such as; financial ability, economics, customer service, presentation skills and design, critical thinking, problem solving, mathematics, oral & written communication, leadership, time management and much, much more. Tanyka’s mother, Jaime Osam, explained that this is the first time that her daughter has entered the Potash Corp Lemonade Day entrepreneur contest martensville messenger - june 16, 2016 - Page 11 and that Lemonade Day is geared to children to teach them the basics of running their own business. “It gives the children an opportunity to earn money, and also a chance to win several prizes,” Osam added. Those participating can visit the Facebook page ‘Lemonade Day Saskatchewan’ and post pictures of their lemonade stand, and the ten with the most Facebook “likes” by June 14th will be entered in to win. “Please show support for a fellow Martensville entrepreneur hoping for a chance to get lucky and win a prize,” Osam stated. The image of Tanyka RIGHT can be found on the ‘Lemonade Day Saskatchewan’ Facebook page. Help support this incredible 8 year old by “liking” her photo. For more information on Lemonade Day, visit w w w. s a s k a t c h e w a n . ABOVE: Visit ‘Lemonade Day Saskatchewan’ on Facebook and find and “like” this image of Tanyka to help her get one step closer to winning a prize for her entrepreneurial skills. 2A & 2R Operetta “Bugz” The students in 2Adelman and 2Ryan were “spectacular” in their performances of the Operetta, “Bugz.” The students left the audience spell-bound with their singing, dancing and acting. Three shows were held. An evening performance was held for the families of the actors and two shows were performed for the Valley Manor student body. The students worked hard to practice their lines at home and at school. A artensville Mozza alapeno and heddar ady now! 6) 955-9791 bulletin board outside the gymnasium introduced the cast. This included the students’ portraits they drew of themselves which was accompanied by a photograph of each actor in costume. A special highlight for the students was performing the same Operetta our present Grade Eights performed when they were in Grade Two. Mrs. Zacharias used her photography expertise to capture pictures of the cast. She took time afterwards to snap a few pictures of our Grade Eights’ with the Grade Two student who was playing the same character. The students were instructed by directors, Ms. Janet Adelman, Mrs. Val Ryan and the incredibly talented music teacher, Mrs. Heather Mann. ABOVE & BELOW: Grade 2 classes at VMS dazzled the crowd during their performance of the Operatta “Bugz”.