Marlborough Magazine September 2018 - Page 28

28 FASHION New Beginnings Spring makeover for your wardrobe Hay ley Rhind As Spring arrives and the days become warmer and longer, we start to look for lighter pieces in our wardrobe. Our moods improve with a much-needed dose of vitamin-D and we reflect this by dressing with more colour and vibrancy. If you are anything like me you’ll be excited at the thought of putting winter coats to the back of the wardrobe, although, we know there is always the odd late cold snap to keep us on our toes...but there is light (and warmth) at the end of the tunnel. Large prints are a great way to make a statement, these can easily be paired with jeans and a pair of trainers for a relaxed but modern look. The same large print statement piece can then easily be dressed up with heels for a different look giving versatility and added value to the garment.