Marlborough Magazine September 2018 - Page 22

22 TRAVEL Create your own story… Europe River Cruise The slow travel movement might very well have its origins in river cruising. The gentle undulation of the river is the ideal way to meander through cities, towns and villages, charting a course through Europe’s rich history and changing landscapes. The grand waterways of Europe have witnessed empires rise and fall, and have endured shifting borders and alliances. Seeing the Continent from the vantage point of the river has its advantages – small ships are better equipped to navigate narrow passages that large cruise ships simply cannot access. River cruising itineraries also feature more port stops in lesser-known locales to discover quaint towns and local cultures along the way. Imbued with the romance of famous rivers such as the Rhine, Moselle, Main, Seine and Danube, which have inspired poets, artists and musicians for centuries, river cruising continues to swell the imagination of culturally savvy New Zealand travelers. Even if you are a frequent visitor to Europe, new river cruise itineraries to emerging destinations such as Portugal and Russia, will shine the spotlight on the riches of the Continent from a whole new perspective and you will have a front-row seat to the show. Famed routes such as Amsterdam to Budapest are interwoven with classical music, charming town squares, religious iconography and the wafting scents of continental cuisines for memorable excursions. Alight to clink steins of traditional wheat beer in German river towns or sample the viticultural spoils of France’s esteemed wine regions. Marvel at the intricately crafted souvenirs at village markets and indulge in a sensory thermal spa experience in Budapest, where your surrounds are as sublime as the treatments. Like the very rivers they cruise upon, each river cruise company stamps its own stories and unique character on your unforgettable journey through carefully curated itineraries, luxury suites, onboard amenities, exquisite dining and tailored onshore excursions. How will y y ou u r nfold? river cruise stor