Marlborough Magazine March 19 - Page 6

BETTER LIVING BETTER LIVING 7 FREE Consult Painting Rebekah’s view of the world Wake Up Makeup 6 STORY BY CATHIE BELL  “I love, love, love my new eyebrows...they look amazing. Thanks Danielle,” Bridget Marlborough artist Rebekah Codlin produces distinctive artworks, focussed on people. She tells Cathie Bell why that is and how her work is changing. Working mainly in oils, the self-taught artist is based in Picton. Recently turned 25, she has been painting since she was 11, taking it seriously at 16 and held her own exhibition at 17. It was from this exhibition that she sold her first work for a jaw- dropping $10,000, attracting a wide audience in the media and collector interest. “I paint with a focus on capturing the inner person using expression, light play and detail. It is important to me that every painting evokes connection and a realisation of common humanity between the painted and the viewer, and that this connection penetrates barriers, with the painting increasingly developing more life and complexity in the viewers eye, improving with age. I like to capture warmth and depth in my portraits, to hold the attention of the viewer and tell a message open to their interpretation and personal to them,” says Rebekah Rebekah says her art has changed a bit over the years, moving back from close-up views of people to broader views. “It’s more laid-back, full body work. I’ve been doing a few more of them, as well as the closer portraits.” She’s also moving to making clay busts, providing different references for her portraits as well as the photos she takes. The answer is CREATING FACES Cosmetic Tattooing at NIGHT SPA - 3D eyebrow feathering Call to book a complimentary consultation in salon today. Danielle Sandall - Owner Rebekah Codlin thinks there is nothing more complex, emotive and thought-provoking than the human-being as the subject for an artist. Her hyper-realistic portraits are well-known in Marlborough, with cafes in Blenheim and Picton displaying her work, as well as at The Gallery in Havelock. Have you ever wondered what it would be lilke to wake up without having to put your eyeliner on or pencil in your eyebrows to get them looking great? “I’m making faces out of that, taking photos from different angles to give me a combination to work from… It’s a new thing I’m trying. It’s working well.” The shift to making clay faces as part of the reference work gives her more flexibility, Rebekah says. Over time, the painting process has become easier for her. She is self-trained and had to find her techniques from scratch, working things out herself. Phone to book on 579 4044 48 Rene Street, Springlands Hypnotherapy can help you Ride With Confidence! “The painting process is not as daunting as it used to be. Now I have gathered enough conscious knowledge from painting over the years, it’s become a lot easier to paint in general. It’s nice to settle into it a bit more.” Rebekah sells her work herself, and is also represented by galleries in New Zealand and overseas. She is delighted to now have her work in the Freeman Gallery in Santa Fe in the United States. “It’s really nice having work over in Santa Fe. It’s a bit of an achievement to get it there. It’s good.” There have been more sales of her work recently and there is now a body of art collectors waiting for new original works from her. Rebekah says that has enabled her to take on fewer commissions and to concentrate on her own creative work. Having said that, she says she is still taking commissions and has been pleased that clients are now looking for ‛bigger, bolder’ work from her. “I’ve seen a rise in people wanting to commission bigger bolder works. It used to be littler portraits, but now people want really big works of their family. That’s something different I’ve noticed.” Rebekah is doing well, cutting her own path in the art world. At just 25 now, she could have a long and productive career ahead of her, having already achieved a lot. She’s pleased she can make a living from her passion for art. It is common to magnify problems when riding. Repeating them can become a problem not only for you but for your horse as well. Give old fears the boot, eradicate negative thought patterns, and ride with confidence and ease. Become one with your horse. Hypnotherapy can help you to find or regain your best ride. naya cunningham mind and body concepts Registered Hypnotherapist m. 021 352 225 | e.