Marlborough Magazine August 18 - Page 34

IF IT DOESN’T CHALLENGE YOU, IT DOESN’T CHANGE YOU ” 34 INVESTING IN YOUR FUTURE Karen Sydnè Helping People Succeed DO YOU WANT TO HAVE… • More Confidence/Self-Belief • More Money/Wealth • More Time – Skills To Be Organised • An Exciting, Fulfilling Life • A New Job Or Business • More VaVoom After 40 • Something Else…? INVEST IN YOUR OWN PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT TO GET A BETTER FUTURE FOR YOU… With many years’ coaching experience behind me I can help you get the future you would love to have. To get that extra edge, successful people have a coach… the rewards can be HUGE! BOOK your appointment NOW for High Performance Coaching that gets RESULTS! BEGIN WITH A FREE 15-MINUTE STRATEGY SESSION…PHONE NOW! Declutter And Simplify Your Life… The ‘ONE THING’ That Can Change Everything! Don’t look at the person in the mirror and see regrets for the life you could have had. Preparing for the future By Karen Sydné The future keeps turning up faster than ever, whether you’re prepared or not! Stay in the present while preparing for your future – as what you do today is deciding what you will get in the future. Keys to success and happiness come from preparation, planning and perseverance. Become ‘future ready’ TODAY! FOCUS on what you actually want Change is an absolute certainty and you need to shape your future before anyone else does it for you. Don’t get rid of your days by running yourself ragged, getting stressed, exhausted and always out of time. Tomorrow keeps showing up and it’s just like yesterday and the day before that! Well, get ready because a better tomorrow starts today. Ask yourself some questions: “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire, and you will become unstoppable.” - Karen Sydné Karen Sydnè INTERNATIONAL BEST SELLING AUTHOR/SPEAKER/HIGH PERFORMANCE COACH. Creator of ‘Unstoppable’ Life Program P: 0275 143 212 E: - What does the life you want look like? - Are you where you thought you would be at this stage of your life? - Have you a dream you’d love to achieve? - What skills do you want to master? - How much money do you want to earn? - What do you really want? - What don’t you want? From your answers get clarity around the future you want. Identify the changes you need to make and take responsibility for getting the results you desire. Put a plan in place to learn the skills you need to achieve your goals. Then, TAKE ACTION - if you never begin, your future will stay the same as it is now. Take the first step: Detox the clutter: Start with a great BIG clean out. Get rid of clutter from all areas of your life. Clutter keeps you bogged down and stuck in a rut and unorganised, which adds stress and turmoil to your every day. I guarantee decluttering will give you a clearer mind and the ability to focus on what you really want. Rather than quantity, invest in quality - reduce the stuff that has no purpose in your life. Do a clutter detox and bring back the voom and vigour into your life. This simple step will boost your energy and leave you feeling amazing.