Marlborough Magazine August 18 - Page 23

SHOWCASE • Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy (UGFS) uses specialised ultrasound equipment to guide injections of sclerosant to permanently close the vein. This procedure is virtually painless, so requires no anaesthesia. • Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) is the gold standard varicose vein treatment and requires no general anaesthesia or hospital stay. You walk in and walk out (wearing compression stockings for two weeks) and are able to drive home afterwards. Like UGFS, there’s no downtime and you can be back at work the next day. • The newest treatment on offer is Venaseal, a medical glue that closes off varicose veins. If this treatment is the right solution for you, there is no need to wear stockings and air travel is allowed at any point after treatment, so you don’t need to put off your winter break. It’s clear that David has a real passion for what he does. “I never tire of seeing the profound effect the results of these treatments have. To know that I’ve helped improve a client’s quality of life is just gold; it means I’ve done what I set out to do,” he says. enhanceskin has also met an increase in demand for the facial aesthetics treatments they offer in Blenheim. Registered Nurse, Lacey Boyd, offers clinics locally at the Churchill Trust Private Hospital. Lacey has been expertly tutored in facial rejuvenation techniques and treatments by Dr David Orsbourn. Her gentle touch and calming manner, combined with the enhanceskin ethos of helping their clients age gracefully, have proved to be a winning combination. Lacey believes winter is a good time to address what she and David refer to as, Sun Damage Remorse. She says, “Sun damage is the main cause of extrinsic ageing, which manifests itself in the skin’s pigment changes and fine lines”. enhanceskin offers several treatments to help combat the effects of sun damage, and to help determine the right course of treatment for each individual, Lacey offers an initial complimentary consultation. Some of the most popular and effective treatments include: • Fractora. The No.1 treatment to restore sun damaged skin. This procedure uses fractionated Radio Frequency energy to rejuvenate and resurface the skin, slowing the effects of ageing and restoring your skin. It’s perfect for reducing redness, brown spots and fine lines, but has the added benefits of tightening your skin and improving the overall skin texture. It is the gold-standard in resurfacing treatment options. • IPL Skin Rejuvenation. Light is used to selectively treat pigmentation, red veins, or both. This brief treatment requires no downtime and after a course of three to five sessions will give a seventy to eighty per cent improvement in appearance. So, you will no longer need to hide under makeup! • Erase your skin’s past with Dermapen Microneedling. This relatively painless treatment stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin. The freshly-produced collagen rejuvenates the skin by filling fine lines. This results in an overall improvement in the skin’s