Marlborough Magazine August 18 - Page 19

FASHION A taste of what’s instore for your Spring ‘18 wardrobe - INSTORE NOW White Chalk, we are proud to support amazing Marlborough businesses as well as nationwide. When you buy White Chalk, you support NEW ZEALAND pattern makers, graphic designers, website hosts, printers, couriers, box makers, tissue paper makers, sample makers, seamstresses, cutters, website designers, packing staff, dispatch staff, retail shop staff, models, and email hosts. These are all vital components to locally-owned businesses. It’s important to think about who you are supporting, and where possible, choose to purchase a product made locally. You can take pride in knowing you have supported a local entrepreneur or family operation who are passionate about what they do. It feels like the right thing to produce beautiful garments in our own backyard and use all the fantastic skills we have in New Zealand. With many labels going off-shore chasing the cheaper dollar, it makes us feel proud to involve so many local and New Zealand businesses in our work and enjoy the end product as much as we do. Come along on the NZ Made ride – it’s a great journey to be part of. Fashion tips for your Spring Wardrobe • This spring we are seeing larger prints coming through with inspiration drawn from nature. • Bright fluoro-colours are starting to die out and make way for softer colourways. • Off-the-shoulder dresses and tops give an opportunity to show off the shoulders, an asset often overlooked. • Long sleeves in spring are always a nice added bonus in dressier pieces to wear for an evening or outdoor event. • Classic prints such as polka dots are always a winner and give a beautiful classy feel. No rules Self-confidence Be comfortable 19