Marlborough Magazine August 18 - Page 16

Dave Noad and John Mackey outside their workshop at 3 Stuart St, Blenheim STORY BY KAT PICKFORD | SUSIE WILLIAMS & KAT PICKFORD Back in the early days of their careers in 1985, Dave Noad front right and John Mackey beside him. Celebrating a 140-year milestone Technology may have changed since the first electric lights twinkled in Blenheim homes 90 years ago, but electricity is still the same - much like a local business celebrating 140 years this year. Cresswell Electrical has been installing electrical wiring in Marlborough homes and businesses since 1927 - but the business began 50 years before then. William’s three sons Bert, Will and Arthur joined him in the business, which expanded to include coach building and moved into new premises in Blenheim. According to Marlborough Express archives, R Cresswell and Sons Ltd was established in 1878 by Robert Cresswell, who was one of two sons to English immigrant William Cresswell. In August 1927, the Marlborough Electric Power Board, the predecessor of Marlborough Lines, completed the first section of the provincial hydro-electrical scheme, sparking an opportunity for R Cresswell and Sons Ltd to diversify again - this time installing electrical wiring in homes and businesses. The business was originally a blacksmith workshop forging farm machinery in Spring Creek, then called Marlborough Town.