Marlborough Magazine August 18 - Page 12

12 Q & A LIFESTYLE & WELLBEING Q. My mother has been diagnosed with lung cancer. You wouldn’t know it by looking at her. Yes, she has slowed down over the last few years but that’s normal for someone her age. Here is the problem: she is a secret smoker, or thinks she is. I’ve always known, and my sister has had her suspicions. She is still smoking even though she knows it could kill her. It sounds silly but we don’t want to have a confrontation with her. I’m just hoping she reads this. G A. Smoking is addictive, and at this point in life, mum could well be addicted. Her diagnosis may be making her feel that there is no point in quitting, giving her a reason to continue. You could have a chat with her doctor and get him/her to help mum find some hope. If there is hope, she may reconsider her position and try to quit. Don’t give up. Q. Hi Naya, If I can ask you anything, what I want to know is why people act friendly and nice to someone and then turn around and say mean things about that person. My mother does it, also my older sister and some of my friends. It just doesn’t feel ok. A. That’s because it's not ok. However, most people find it the easier option, rather than deal with someone that they don’t like or approve of in an honest way. Be you. Being phoney is a waste of time. You should always be respectful of others, even if you don’t understand them, but pretending you like them and then putting them down behind their backs will only make you look bad and feel bad. Sometimes we have difficult situations with other people and how they treat us or others, or they do things that aren’t fair or kind. It’s perfectly ok to talk about those things. Whether you speak directly to that person or discuss it with someone else, the choice is yours to make. But being catty and critical of someone just for entertainment isn’t right. I like that you have noticed this in others. It says something about your character. Q. Hello Naya. I’ve had headaches for several years now. I was advised )@Ѽ͕ɽɅѽȰѕѠ)ͅѡɅЁ$ٔͼѕѕ)ȁɝ́٥х̸)$ͽ䁡ٔչхٕͥ)ѕɹѥٔɕѵаɽѡ)ٽ兹̸́䁡͉̰ͅ)ӊéЁѡɔ'eٔаЁЁݥ$)ٕ䁅ѥٔͽȁٕ)ɔ͕!ݕٕȰ$ȁ)ݽɥ܁$ݥݥѠ)ȁѡɕЁ䁱䁥9ո))!9'e٥ԁЁɕ)ȁЁեѥMeЁեЁܸ$)܁׊eٕٔѡչȁѡո)ӊéɽ䁕ͥٔᡅѥ)儁չ)Ёԁ䁹ѼЁٕȁ)ፕЁѡ́ѥݥѠɕЁɅѥѥȸ)Ё͕хѼȁ)ѥ́́ݕ1Ёхѥѥ̸$ٔ)͕́ѡЁٔ啅́Ʌ)̸5ЁɔݸѼѥ)ɽ̰ѡ͕Ёɕ̸)%ԁɔͽ剔ѡ)ѼхЁ́ݥѠͽɴɕձ)ɕѥݡѡȁӊéɍ͔хѥ)ȁͅ ȁ䁅)ѡԁݥٔѕȁѥٔ)D)'e٥ѵɕ́ѡЁe)͕͔$ٔѕ)܁$ٔѡЁٕ)и$ݽɥӊé݅ɹ)]Ёԁѡ))Qɔɔͼɕͽ́)ѵɕ̸]Ёɽٔѡ)ѡɔɔѥձȁɕͽ̸ḛ)ձɕͥٔЁͽѡ)ȁͽȁՉ͍́)́ݽɭٕѥݽ她ȁԸA)QɅյѥMɕ́ͼ͔ѵɕ)Ѽə$ٔݕȁѡ)ѡȁѵɕ́ɕ́ݕɔ她Ѽ)ѕѡͽѡѡЁѕȁM)́Ёեѥ]Mɕ5剔)ѡٔ%Ё͕́ѵɕ́)ɕ́ɔхЁЁѡ݅䁽)ݽɭ̸$ѡЁչхѡа)́ѡ͕́ѥ)䁍)ȁѡȁЁѼѥѵЁݥѠ9儁A؁]]\9e U99%9!4 =4)!YEUMQ%=8=H=UH1= 0aAIPѡͅѡѵȁѕЀЀȀܸɕ́ѥ)儁չ)ѡɅ)IML =5=YL)%9Q