Marlborough Magazine August 18 - Page 4

4 LOCAL FEATURE We chat with Lisa to get some financial tips and advice to look after your finances. Have you encountered some tricky business challenges that spring up and rob you of your time, efficiency, performance and profitability? Ready to take your business to the next level, but not quite sure where to begin? Sass managing director, Lisa Johnston, started her business from home in 2006. Twelve years, two children and a lot of hard work and hard lessons later, Lisa leads a staff of seven in a spacious office of the newly refurbished Rangitane Building in central Blenheim. Co-owner and senior accountant and advisor, Kelly Miller, joined the business in 2010, bringing a wealth of accounting experience and knowledge with her. Sass offers a wide range of business services, including business tax and accounting, training, marketing, bookkeeping and business consultancy and advisory services. Since starting out on her own 12 years ago, Lisa has learned a lot about growing a successful business along the way. As a business coach and advisor, helping people overcome challenges is Lisa’s passion. “Clients come in, we have a chat, get to know them and their business really well, find out what they want to achieve with their business, identify their aspirations and create a plan to help them achieve it. We catch up every so often to see how they’re getting on, make sure they’re on track and make changes as necessary. I’m really here to provide support, practical solutions and to keep them accountable.” Success looks different to everyone and it’s not always about the bottom line or growth, she says. “For most people, it’s about achieving balance - they want their business to be ticking along nicely, with financial freedom, mind freedom and time freedom - something we all strive for. If you’re too busy to take a holiday - that’s not success.” Human Resources is another of Sass’s specialties - they’re able to help businesses do their due diligence, hire good staff and ensure all the required paperwork is in place. They can also help guide businesses through their legal obligations when employee issues emerge. Another service unique to Sass, which has proven to be popular, is their half- and full- day workshops and one-on-one training for a range of software including Xero, Microsoft and Excel, and fundamental business skills such as how to read financial reports. Ke ǒ2B'VFvWFrB66fpvVVBV&W'2B&PWfW'^( 27G&VwF'WBfr67W&FPB7W'&VBf6f&F0W76VF6R62( W"66fpvVVB6W'f6W2V'W6W70vW'2RvB'W6W72FV660&6VBf7B&FW"FwVW77v&( 6P62( ĶvrvW&RR7FBf6ǐvfW2RFR6fFV6RFRF6R&pFV662ƖR&rWr7FfbV&W" 'WrWrv&fV6RBFW&R&P7G7W'&6W2BFRVBbFRV"( ХFB( 7W'&6W>( VFƗG2֗'&&V@vFFV"6WBfVW26WFr6720VVFVB6FV"6ƖVG2VVBWfW fVVg&BF6WFRRF6VW7F"6VVGf6R62Ɨ6( vP&VwV&ǒ6V6vFFVFvRG'VǐF6&R&WBFV"'W6W76W2FpvV( 6ƖVG2fR6WfVBFV v2'WB6FVRFVWBvFƗ66PF( ėB6&RVǒBFRF6fr6VRWG6FRFR'W6W72v( 2&RF6VRFR&r7GW&RBffW &V77W&6RBV&6VBGf6RvfW0VRFR6fFV6RFVWBB( Фg&&rFR&vB7Ff`BFFF66VFrF66frvVV@B&r7GW&RF涖rW"66VFB6VRvWBvBRvBW@bW"'W6W72B6WfPFR֖'FBWBVW6fPv&ƖfR&6RƗ6@W"FVB672fRFPvVFvRBWW'F6RF7W'BBwVFRRW 'W6W72fVGW&W2Ɨ6vB&RFR&VVfG2bfp66VFCFW&R&RGvGW2b66VFG2( 2FP6Ɩ6RRFBW7Bf7W6W2W V"VBf62BFBFW"GPFBFFFF6Ɩ6Rf7W6W0v&rvFRF&VvWBFRV"FW&R7F66VFG2'WBvR&VfW F6FVGf6'2R7W&RW 66VFB2FRWW&V6RB&ƗGF&RW"Gf6"F2Gf6'2vPv&vFW"6ƖVG2Fǒv6V0vR&Rv2rBFV"f60B'W6W72W&F2Bp&V6VFF2&fVVG2@Vff6V6W2vR&RFW&RvVWfW"FWVVB6VRF'&7F&vFB&Vǐ&RFV"'W6W72'FW"FbW 66VFBGf6"2FB6V6B6WB`WW2rBW"'W6W72g&FffW&V@vW266VFBGf6'2fRvVFbWW&V6R7&72&vRb'W6W70GW2BBW7BV&W'2vB&R6RbFR6֗7FW0R6VRW"6ƖVG2rvVB6W0FFV"f6W3BV7W&rFBFWB@VFW'7FBFRV&W'2BB&VƗ6pFR'F6RbfrFFWFFFPB67W&FRFFFVFVPf&VBFV6626VRVRp'FBf6FV662&6VBFPWFWfRFV"&66VBvFWBFVvBb66frVVG0BFV6( BVFW'7FBv7VFFVǐFW&R266