Marlborough Magazine August 18 - Page 18

18 FASHION Money Matters when it comes to Fashion For us trend junkies, fashion items seem to occur quite regularly on our bank statements This isn’t a bad thing; we all know the wonders of retail therapy and how looking good gives us confidence and priceless happiness. But do we think about where the money actually goes? Hay ley Rhind Once we get to a certain age, we feel the need to fill our wardrobes with quality garments, beautiful fits and pieces to avoid looking like every other Mary, Mavis and Martha in town. With these desires comes a higher price tag but we don’t often stop to think about where this higher price is coming from. Many labels and brands are produced off- shore in Third World countries, where they are able to produce the garments for a fraction of the cost of production in New Zealand due to very low hourly rates, poor working conditions, unreasonably long hours and child labour. Purchasing New Zealand made is becoming on-trend. It is extremely encouraging to see buyers make a conscious effort to think about where products are made, who is receiving all the profit. Of course, as a small country, New Zealand doesn’t offer everything we want, but with a conscious effort and small changes we can make a difference and take a stand against child labour and poor working conditions in some of the world’s most underprivileged countries. When buying New Zealand made, it not only benefits the direct brand; there is a bigger picture behind the scenes. At