MARKtoe! September 2014 Uitgawe 9 - Page 30

NEW #1 CHOICE OF HOMEOWNERSTM IN THE U.S.A. INNOVATIVE A robust, high quality generator range developed for local working conditions. HIGH-QUALITY IRRIGATION 7.5 KVA SR192FE | Electric Starting System | 25L Fuel Tank | 4 Stroke Gasoline | Advanced AVR SYSTEMS Also available in 5.5 KVA & 6.5KVA RANGES AVAILABLE 10 KVA Pop-up Spray Heads & Nozzles SR2V78F | Electric Starting System | 26L Fuel Tank | OHV 90° Double Cylinder 4 Stroke Forced Air Cooling | Advanced AVR Sprinkler Heads Watering Sets 5 KVA (Single Phase) Irrigation Controllers OB_P_MT_HP_25082014 PM_P_PW_HP_25082014 SRDE5500Q | Electric Starting System | 14.5L Fuel Tank | Silent Diesel | Advanced AVR National Service Warranty standard with all models Misting Kits Tap Timers Solenoid Valves Rain Sensors Gear Drive Sprinklers Tools & Accessories Available at your local AgriMark retail store. Available at your local Agricultural dealer Exclusive to For more information on products and to view a comprehensive video library, visit The Orbit Range is exclusively distributed by