MARKtoe! November 2015 Uitgawe 22 - Page 78

THE ULTIMATE SHADEaltered NET FORby 4°C Orchards temperatures AND HORTICULTURAL andTHE9°CAGRICULTURAL at ambient temperatures of 23°C INDUSTRIES and 32°C respectively* When ambient temperatures reach the 40°C region, exposed leaf and fruit temperatures exceedand 50°C, causing Plants crops sufferbleaching stress of leaves and destruction of fruit from excessive Photosynthetic skinActive cells.Radiation Inadequate water (PAR), heat,uptake wind / moisture irregularities increase and hail which negatively effect fruit splitting quality, yieldsandandsunburn. costs. Produce quality fruit growth and development with more than satisfactory yields increase citrus yields leaf,for Creatingandthequality ideal reduce conditions fruit, and soilbytemperature cropsbark and plants manipulating reduce wind and sunburn damage, the light quantity and quality, increase humidity andand sunburn, reducing heat stress transpiration rates. and improving increasing humidity transpiration rates. *After orchards were covered with Spectranet Code 20 SpectraNet shade netting, netting istheir manufactured in a wide range Active Blue shade surface temperature of colours and densities, suitable citrus for flower, measurements taken on exposed leavesherb, and vegetable fruit and fruit production. differed by between 4°C and 9°C at ambient temperatures of 23°C and 32°C respectively. The higher the ambient “A the Shade Than The Rest” temperature, biggerBetter the difference. SHADE NETTING We have more than 50 years’ experience of being the MARKET 50 YEARSto contact EXPERIENCE. market LEADERS leader, youWITH are welcome us... 011 692 1658 / /