MARKtoe! Februarie 2015 Uitgawe 13 - Page 44

The Ultimate in Metal Protection WHY CHOOSE HAMMERITE ? TM DUALTECH Protection TM REGULAR METAL PAINT HAMMERITE Direct to Rust Metal Paint now features an even stronger protection against rust – with DUALTECHTM it provides two-way protection by repelling water and stopping rust, keeping the metal stronger for longer. TM DUALTECH provides an advanced two-way protection by: TM REPELLING WATER STOPPING RUST NOW WITH DUALTECHTM IMPROVED FORMULA WHY BUY 3 PRODUCTS WHEN ONE WILL DO? HAMMERITE Direct to Rust can be applied directly onto all new or rusted ferrous metal surfaces. It provides long-lasting protection, resisting rust for up to 8 years. TM HAMMERITE is suitable for use on a wide range of metal surfaces including gates, railings, drainpipes, garden furniture and other metal items in your home. TM BEFORE CONVENIENT 3 IN 1 FORMULA Primer AFTER For product information please contact Dulux Careline 0860 330 111 or visit our website at NO PRIMER OR UNDERCOAT REQUIRED Undercoat Top coat