Golden Goose System – How you can have your own golden goose that lays golden eggs Golden Goose System is a training course where Desmond shows you how your internet business can produce sales and commissions every single day without you even touching it after you’ve set it up. What Is Golden Goose System? Are you here because you want to learn how you can create more income in your life? If you say yes, then you’re on the right place. Today, Desmond Ong is going to show you how you can have your own golden goose that lays golden eggs… According to Desmond, he will show you how you can build a golden goose… that lays the golden egg for you every single day. Just take one minute and imagine this. Just imagine, if you have a goose. Everyday, as long as the goose is in good health, it will lay a golden egg for you. A golden egg that you can sell at the market for a thousand or two thousand dollars. Would you like a goose like that? A goose that allows you to make an additional $1,000 to $2,000 – every day…after you’ve just set it up one time? Well you can. And it’s easier than you think. Now, the golden goose doesn’t really exist in real life. But – They have something very similar. Inside their company in ChromaBit, they called it “Golden Goose System” – because it works almost like a goose laying golden eggs. You just set it up one time…. By just following their simple 3 step system. And it just keeps laying “eggs” for them.