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Special Features of WP Suite: I think you will be satisfied with this product of Ankur Shukla due to several benefits that it delivers. Let’s join me check out some tasks that you can automate and do them within 1-click: One Summary Dashboard for All Your Sites - Bird's Eye View. By this feature, you can instantly access all your sites form the complete summary of all your sites and you are able to perform several key actions on any one of your sites without logging. Add And Manage Unlimited WP Sites. You are able to get Unlimited Sites License and install this plugin on unlimited sites which you personally own. No matter the number of sites you own, this is a must-have plugin for all your sites. Also, you can add unlimited sites to your WP Suite account and manage the all centrally. Install Multiple Themes, Plugins Quickly on Any Number of Sites. As you know, installing themes and plugins can take us much time to upload, update and add them. However, with WP Suite, now it can all be done in 2 clicks. 1-Click Update Wordpress Software, Themes And Plugins for All Your Sites. It is important to be sure that your WP software, themes and plugins are running the lastest version. Doing this for 100s of sites is now extremely easy using WP SUITE. Also, this plugin is continued to be updated. Every single update will be rolled out, and your plugin can be updated automatically in just 1-click. Change Wordpress Settings Across All Your Sites Instantly. Settings in wordpress are required to be setup for every site you add or create. Hopping from page to page takes time. But now you can do all your settings from a single dashboard with WP SUITE. All Your Menial Wordpress Tasks Can Now Be Automated CENTRALLY... Create and Manage Wordpress Posts & Pages. By a single login using your WP Suite account, you can post an article or copy one article or image from one site to another. Juts need to add your sites and it will be done. Create Categories and Tags For All Your Sites. Creating categories and tags has never been easier. Easily add categories for multiple sites without having to login over and over again. Create Unlimited Users For Any Of Your Sites. You can manage unlimited users across all your sites from a single dashboard and manage your access control for your sites easily.