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WP Master Developer Code Editor for WordPress – Ever wanted to create WordPress plugins – but didn’t know how? WP Master Developer Code Editor for WordPress provides 7 New Built-in Tools for Rapid WordPress Development to help you Easily Create WordPress Plugins, Add- ons and Themes. bonus What Is WP Master Developer Code Editor for WordPress? Even if you’ve never done any computer programming in your life, you’ve probably heard of the massive and growing popularity of WordPress – and here are the facts: • WordPress is installed on 60.6% of all the websites running known content- management systems • Used on 48% of Technorati’s Top 100 Blogs • Used on 74.6 million websites • Gets 446 million searches per year (1.5 x the entire US population) • There are 37 Million WordPress-related keyword searches per month • The keyword “WordPress” alone receives over 450,000 exact match searches every month • It’s translated in 40 languages With such numbers in mind, it’s no surprise that creating just one successful WordPress plugin can bring a fortune to its author. How much exactly? If you’d like to get an idea of the weekly earning potential and learn how to create WordPress plugins plus get the best tool for the job, keep reading this review to see the new upgrade of WP Master Developer called WP Master Developer Code Editor for WordPress. With 7 layers of support for developing WordPress plugins and themes, Antechinus JavaScript Editor has evolved into WordPress Code Editor. With its support for HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, XML, and now over 2,500 WordPress functions, it’s the most comprehensive code editor for WordPress available today.