Marketing Trendz Volume 23 Winter Edition 2019 Sample

M ARKETING TRENDZ V O LU M E 2 4 W I N T E R E D I T I O N 2 0 1 8 / 2 0 1 9 HOMING IN ON THE 3 Ds: DESIGN, DÉCOR, & DIY Expanding the definition of home, Rhodes Waterside targets the “glocal” demographic It’s the small things in life that matter; the things that deserve the most attention to detail. Planning to re-define its homewares offer and tap into the lifestyle and DIY market, Rhodes Waterside (Rhodes, Australia) launched “Make Yourself a Home” in 2018. Showcasing the intimate process of turning a house into a home, the four- week marketing campaign kicked off by celebrating the grand opening of Bing Lee’s re-located store at Rhodes and re-emphasized the center’s position as the Inner West region's premium homewares destination. The duo of Pauline Pham (marketing director) and Brett Riley (assistant marketing director) crafted the campaign based on four key components: A retailer-focused calendar of events to display the homewares offer, a plan for center placemaking to enhance retailer resources, a definition of the homewares brand to drive identity, and a content strategy to communicate with and educate shoppers. Exploring the theme of home style personalization, Rhodes Waterside connected with its consumer base, strengthened community relations, and pioneered a new accessibility to interior design. “In the ever-changing definition of home, interior design has evolved from simply an eye for beauty to encompassing holistic creative vision. Aligned with the mall’s strategy of creating [a place to have fun and play], ‘Make Yourself a Home’ looked to enable [customers] to delineate their definition of home," Pham explained. Salon Sap W Shines page 8 Market & Co. Opens at Upper Canada page 1o Wollongong Central x Micro-influencers page 14 Sylvia Park Pushes Fashion Boundaries page 16 Destin Commons Inspires Shoppers to Give page 19 Webmasters page 20 Missed an issue? Visit Continued on page 4… FOR SHOPPI NG C E N T E R PROF E SSIONA L S