Marketing Trendz Volume 23 Spring 2018 Edition

M ARKETING TRENDZ V O LU M E 2 4 S P R I N G E D I T I O N 2 0 1 8 THE BIG SWITCH Westfield’s autumn campaign features real women in real life stepping from “mom-time” to some well-deserved “me-time” H eading into Autumn 2018, Scentre Group launched “Whatever Your Priority, You’re Ours.” Part advertising campaign tagline, part marketing manifesto, it is meant to remind mothers across Australia and New Zealand that they’re at the top of at least one to-do list. The latest from the Australian owner and operator “holds moms at the heart of the season” and successfully works to relate and inspire at the same time. Representing a diverse mix of families, the campaign shows and speaks to all types of women who are connected by motherhood. Between school holidays and Easter, the wants and needs of mothers tend to take second place. Expanding the celebration of moms, from one day to a full season, the Scentre Group’s Westfield shopping center team aims to show ongoing appreciation and create a lasting impression. “Steering clear of stereotypes, we wanted to show how [mothers] effortlessly switched between roles, from cooking with the kids and experimenting with the latest fashion to catching up with [their] mum tribe, all while staying true to [themselves],” shared Dana Ridge, head of content, Scentre Group. Directed by Jasmin Tarasin, “Whatever Your Priority, You’re Ours” launched at all 39 Westfield centers and was the result of an integrated marketing strategy based on the company’s owned network, its partnership with Business C­hicks, Australia’s largest and most influential community for women, and its campaign video. In collaboration with Sibling Agency, Scentre Group generated awareness via a mix of these traditional and more contemporary marketing approaches: • Network: SmartScreens, Super-Screens, Web, e-mail, and social in addition to earned and paid Amazon Treasure Hunts page 2 Change at the Check-out with Bond & Co. page 9 Starwood Retail Partners' Pop-up Challenge page 10 Tradition Leads to a Sell- out Gift Card Promotion page 16 Webmasters page 20 Sesame Street Takes Its Show on the Road page 22 Missed an issue? Visit Continued on page 4… FOR SHOPPI NG C E N T E R PROF E SSIONA L S