Marketing Trendz Volume 22 July/August Edition 2017 - Page 18

sales promotion & events ALL SMILES WITH KILDONAN PLACE’S HAPPY SHOPPING CARD Delivering a twist on the traditional mall gift card, Kildonan Place (Winnipeg, Canada) is currently offering its customers a free happy shopping card. Running until December, the nearly yearlong promotion encourages shoppers to make a physical connection with Kildonan Place’s guest services center. In doing so, they participate in a two-way dialog and associate the mall with a friendly face. Branded as ‘Shop, Stop & Swap,’ the promotion features three monthly ‘Happy Days’ and a chance to win a $250 shopping spree. On the selected days, participants are required to stop by guest services to receive a stamp on their playing card. Once three stamps are collected, shoppers can enter the contest and swap their card for a new one. With unlimited chances to enter, shoppers are encouraged to shop, stop and swap all year round. Perfectly paired with the ‘Shop Happy’ tagline and logo (a shopping bag turned happy face), the promotion ties into the center’s core values. With a secondary, promo-related tagline, ‘I’m a Happy Shopper,’ placed inside of the center’s logo, online users are reminded to keep an eye out for in-store signage introducing the theme: random acts of happiness in connection with ‘Happy Days’. To learn more and XZ]HH\و8&\B^\&H]\[[Y[ۘ[XH\X]HXY\]XHX[YYXKXܚXH]K[]]\[XZ]YY[X\˂Y][ۘ[\ۜY\\Y\]H\B[\\H[]YZ[H][][XYš[H\ QH NQQQPTUVTHTӕTXZH[X[ܛ\ QH\[HZYوY[›ٙ^[][[]HML^\H\[8& [ ]K8&HB[[ۈ\ܚXY\HXۙYوHXZH[[Y\X\ۂ M[\ZYۋ[\X][ۈ]XZH\][[]Z[\X\Y[ JKHܛ\[\YH\]\YX\&\XZB[[Y\\\\ˈ]H[[]Y[Y܈ZY P]Y\ H۝\[ۘYH][\\][]^H[›ۙHYZ[ܝHYK[[H[H HY]Y\ LH۝\ۜ\و^YZH]XXZ[XHۈ]\^K܈H[H]Z\[ۈH\ X\Y\[Y[ \\H\]Z\YXZHBZ[[][H\\HوQQ  MHT H]ۙHوH\X\][›X[Έ[\HX[ [\[[K[\Z\[K[][B^K[Y][K\[X[[K[\HX[ ]H[B[\K]H[HYx&XZ\[K]H[H[YK]ZYX[ \[XH[KXY[HX[ \\X[ XZH]]X[ YYX[ HX[ [[Y\]X\H[K'YQ&\[X[]Z[[[ۈ܈XZH[[Y\\\\H[ܙX]H[^][Y[[[ۙ\]ܜ[\Y[˜Hٙ\[[YY۝\Z\[^\Y[KH]Z[X܈۝[Y\HHXZ܈۝X]܈[]Y\X[Z\]\&Bܛ[][Y[ 8'HZYQZ\XZY[\Z\'H[X[\ZYۜHZ[HX]HYH[ۛBH]Z[[\K][[[XZH[HY[[ܘXB^\Y[H܈X[\]ܜ˸'B[ܙ\[\]H]\[\[XY^][Y[ XXYZH][ۈوH][\Y[[]HXZH]]