Marketing Trendz Volume 22 Fall Edition 2017 Sample

M ARKETING TRENDZ VOLUM E 2 2 FALL EDITION 2017 TOUCH. TRY. BUY. Stylizing the fails and faults of online shopping, Simon promises the perfect fit at its brick-and-mortar stores Easy as click, cart, and card, online shopping is on the rise. Often only done from the comfort of home, it doesn’t involve a tank of gas or a trip to the mall yet it’s definitely not hassle-free. Without the physical middle-mall, shoppers routinely experience troubles with fit and form. They end up with a back-of-the-closet worthy piece. Likely never to be worn, it will join a collection of others just like it and forever represent the screen- shopper mismatch. These common retail issues are front and center in the latest campaign from Simon Property Group, America’s largest mall operator, which asks shoppers to weigh the risk vs. the reward of skipping the in-between. With the catchy tagline, “Sometimes, shopping online isn’t always what it seems,” Touch. Try. Buy. encourages shoppers to “get out of the house and get it right.” Combining the winning retail combo, namely the perfect piece in the right size and at the right price, the Touch. Try. Buy. campaign highlights the intrinsic value of shopping in real life. With the ability to compare colors, patterns, and fabrics hands-on and the opportunity to fill a fitting room full of potentials, browsing on foot will always provide shoppers with the whole picture and a safe solution. What you see is what you get. And with the help of bright lighting, a full-length mirror, and a 360° view, shoppers see it all. More than the touch and try elements of shopping, the campaign suggests, Simon centers offer the ideal destinations for engaging with friends, family, and staff, and learning more about the products on display. By choosing to sift through the racks instead of surfing the Net, shoppers of all styles have the chance to touch and try, before they buy. Powered by three witty 30-second videos, Touch. Try. Buy. Focus on Girl Power page 8 Northland Gives Local Youth a Hand Up page 14 Out of this World: Paradise Mall Décor page 16 CityOn Retail Partnerships page 18 Late Night Shopping: The Luxe Life page 20 Webmasters page 22 Missed an issue? Visit Continued on page 4… FOR SHOPPI NG C E N T E R PROF E SSIONA L S