Marketing Trendz Volum 23 September/October 2018 Abridged

M ARKETING TRENDZ V O LU M E 2 3 S E P T E M B E R /O C TO B E R E D I T I O N 2 0 1 8 TOWERING OVER THE COMPETITION A Mall Club for All Ages The property and marketing evolution of Aventura Mall is an ode to culture, style, and taste "Into the Wild" Animal Trail Leads Shoppers on Safari Late last year, Aventura Mall (Aventura, USA) introduced a three- level expansion wing to provide a more dynamic shopping and dining experience. As the largest mall in the state and the second largest in the country, the super-regional shopping destination is located close to affluent families and neighborhoods. Offering much more than a one- stop shop, especially since the mall’s recent transformation, the array of services and amenities positively reflect its average spend per visit— US$300 and up. Architect Carlos Zapata designed the mall's addition with three key elements in mind: transparency, connectivity, and integration. It offers an interactive art experience, a modern culinary destination, and a stylish VIP lounge. Drawing art lovers with a range of mediums and foodies with a long list of culinary approaches, Aventura Mall embraces international and local styles and flavors. Beyond its al fresco dining options, rooftop terrace, and panoramic views, the shopping center ensures repeat visitors with its Aventura Slide Tower. From the mind of artist Carsten Höller, the 93-ft. tall, site- specific sculpture and slide bring a whole new meaning to on-the-go shopping. In partnership with NY-based agency, King & Partners, Aventura Mall established a new brand identity to match: • Inspired by Zapata and his vision for the wing, the brand identity guidelines (logo, typeface, color palette) share a linear, clean, and modern look • The logo enhances “Aventura” to represent customer thinking that the mall is much more than a retail destination • The color palette with its navy blue and pink hues are meant to page 8 page 13 Halifax Centers Join Forces to Attract Tourists page 14 Eco-Gourmet Event Lures Foodies to Centropolis page 18 LOGO's Game: Bawadi Mall Gets Interactive On-site page 19 Webmasters page 20 Missed an issue? Visit Continued on page 4… FOR SHOPPI NG C E N T E R PROF E SSIONA L S