Marketing For The Future November 2016 - Page 23

university and schools, business opportunities for entrepreneurs and any and all opportunities for those interested. support to the international parties who seek opportunity in Curaçao, collaborating with locals. Student: What marketing strategy are you using in order to attract the right costumers? Student: Do you have any advice for students that would like to start their own business? Angelino Sulvaran and Nathan Correa: Our strategy is to make Curaçao attractive for space industry specialists, and to connect locals with the opportunities accompanied with this industry. Student: How do you see the future of organization? Angelino Sulvaran and Nathan Correa: Our future is to grow in members of different specializations, working together to welcome the space industry to Curaçao. Our future is to provide guidance and Angelino Sulvaran and Nathan Correa: Nothing is impossible. Look at us, we are fighting to bring the space industry to Curaçao. An idea criticized and questioned by many, an idea undergoing much skepticism. But it is important to find those with a common view to your idea and work together towards the future. If you have a business idea, have a solid plan, think differently and don’t let skepticism stop you. 23