Marketing For The Future November 2016 - Page 22

Angelino Sulvaran and Nathan Correa: Space Platform Curaçao (SPC) is a multidisciplinary nonprofit organization thatworks to realize and sustain space travel from Curaçao. The primary aim isto build bridges that facilitate and open new lines of communication between government, business and the people of Curaçao.We believe that: When lines of communication are transparent effective teamwork is made possible; when information is shared, knowledge can be built upon; and when like-minded people come together all goals become attainable. With a growing team of both professionals and non-professionals we offer our support to all stakeholders involved in Space travel from Curaçao. Student: How was your organization founded? Angelino Sulvaran and Nathan Correa: Our President, Vishal Oedjaghir, called a meeting with a small group of potential members. He introduced us to the idea of new space and what it could mean for Curaçao. Our first meeting was an extremely creative and brainstorming 22 Marketing For The Future session where we all got inspired by the potential of a spaceport on Curaçao. A few meetings later, we formed and established Space Platform Curaçao. Student: Why do you think that your organization is important for the world or Curaçao? Angelino Sulvaran and Nathan Correa: We push people outside their comfort zone and towards opening their minds to see all the potential available to the people of Curaçao. Our most important goal is to help create as many opportunities as possible for the specialists and professionals of Curaçao. Once that goal is in progress, our specialists can share their intellectual with the world. Student: Do you think that your organization can influence our economy positively? Absolutely. Not only are we fighting to bring a new industry to the island (Space industry), but also are we focusing on spin-offs for locals. Not only are we focusing on the tourist who will visit the island, but also on the educational opportunities for our