Marketing For The Future November 2016 - Page 16

pany and brand portfolios. On Snapchat the pressure is much lower. Snapchat allows users to mix photos and videos and use cool tools like Snapchat lenses (users refer to these as filters), digital crayons, fonts, and more. Snapchat images and videos disappear after viewing. All of this takes the digital experience to a whole new height. It directly triggered the evolution of Instagram to match this rich media experience that garnered Snapchat a large audience of devoted followers. The Snapchat features allow you to be more casual and have more fun with it than with other media platforms. Keep the content fresh and engaging and avoid feeling too corporate. This takes us back to the basics of social media giving a social and human feel. 16 Marketing For The Future People love to get a look behind the scenes of companies and people they care about or to care about a company, a brand, or an individual. The Kardashians are an on-going testament to this. In Curaçao, one of the early-adopters of Snapchat is local urban radio station ‘Rock Kòrsou’. Its business targets young people who are typically very hard to reach through conventional media and this platform allows them to go along with the Snapchat reporter’s point of view and into the Rock ‘Kòrsou’ operation and lifestyle. This year, Snapchat started featuring news and advertising. Apple, Samsung, L’Oreal and other major brands are already paying to advertise on Snapchat. For the right businesses Snapchat can offer to be as an engaging marketing opportunity. Remember... If it all seems too confusing, just keep these tips in mind: 1. Embrace Social Media 2. Take us behind the scenes 3. Keep it short, simple and fun Which trends do you think will define the future of marketing in Curaçao? We would love to hear your projections.