Marketing For The Future November 2016 - Page 15

NOHRAYA GODFRIED Nohraya Godfried and Samari Barriento are the founders and Managing Directors of Tao Curaçao BV specialized in Entrepreneurship and Business Development, Multimedia Communications and Marketing Consulting, and Hospitality Management and Consulting 5. Keep learning Great service will always be trending. Marketers of the future should always be on the lookout for innovative, efficiency enhancing, and value-adding products and services for their clients and to include in their marketing strategies and tactics. One of our own foolproof guides to figuring out which products, services and especially social media platforms our company, but particularly our clients need to be on is hiring social media savvy and mobile native interns and taking their lead. Our latest intern underscores this tactic by proactively adding samples of what our company could expect from her as an intern based on her mobile and social media handling skills. Trending Social Media Platforms Although not every small business needs to be on Snapchat, going social on one of the more densely populated social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn can still come in very handy and reap great results on a shoestring budget for just about any type of business; from your favorite popular performing artists, your neighborhood ‘trùk’i pan’ (food truck), the unconventional pop up store, and artistic wood turning artist like Paluarte to the more corporate organizations such as your go-to airline, your reliable insurance company or other financial institution. When used right, social media allows you to go behind the scenes for a greater brand experience. On Facebook, and especially on Instagram and LinkedIn, brands often show the best image or video, taking a lot of time to select a shot and find the right angle. These are often used as online platforms for com- 15