Marketing For The Future November 2016 - Page 14

KAORU CHAN As a digital native you have probably never wondered how many entrepreneurs in Curaçao use their computers for Marketing. Also, websites and social media have become indispensable for any self-respecting company, right? Its results of the Business Census Curaçao 2014, as published on its website, will probably come as a shock to you. Entrepreneurs who participated in this census were asked what they used their computers for most. The answer? Only 3 percent said they used it for Marketing. Another reality check: a stunning 72 percent of registered businesses in Curaçao do not have a website. If you consider that internet connectivity, rapidly updating and upgrading smartphones, and a whole array of popular social media platforms have turned just about anyone with a smartphone and internet connectivity into a micro marketer with lots of different platforms right at their fingertips, the insight gathered by the Business Census appears to indicate a major disconnect. Traditional and conservative companies are, slowly but surely, realizing that they have to start catching up with the new era of marketing and marketing platforms. And guess what is going to take agile digital immigrants to invest in the right preparation of digital natives to help companies quickly and steadily bridge that gap and connect to propel their companies into the now and the future. Unique Selling Skills For the up-and-coming marketers in Curaçao, it should be second nature to constantly be peering into the future to try to predict the next big trend for their brands or their clients. In business, marketers are always looking for better ways to reach their current, potential, and former clients to either gather or share information while promoting and securing brand recognition and commitment and ultimately to drive sales. Marketing has turned into a personal affair. You want to stay relevant as a marketer and always be on the look out for key answers to book success on the market. Just like the smart devices have predictive features, smart marketers of today and in the future should have a smart predictive wiring and a flexible and dynamic attitude to stay alert. Here are 5 trends and skills that we expect are going to have the biggest impact on the future of marketing in Curaçao. 14 Marketing For The Future 1. Master your smart device Mobile devices is becoming the center of most of our personal lives and it is gaining momentum in marketing, even in Curaçao. From cell phones to smartphones, laptops to tablets and wearable gadgets, the evolution of mobile devices is one of the key aspects shaping the world of marketing. Brands and companies will be able to work on a more personalized connection and relationship with their clients by mastering the power of mobile. 2. Be transparent and offer relevant content Transparency will dictate brand-customer relationships. Currently, clients are looking for more engagement from companies and brands. Clients will continue to get more demanding in their expectation of transparency. Honest brands make sure they “walk the talk” and create real value. Social Media is great for instant feedback from former, current, and potential client