Marketing For The Future November 2016 - Page 12

EDUARD MICHEL BASc That economic opportunities for Curaçao in the oceans exist is a fact. these sources to 80% of our daily peak demand. The SWAC (Seawater Air-Conditioning) is an impressive development opportunity we have that can be developed. The only issu e Aqualectra raised was the need for government involvement in the strategic development of the energy production of the island. The international fishery sector is operating at a professional level and Curaçao is one of the top exporters of tuna fish to Europe. The current Fisheries office is taking firm steps towards the expansion of its activities. They do have some limitations in terms of human capital, and the number of fishing vessels allowed to be registered, both of which are 12 Marketing For The Future hindering its growth. Another key element that needs government assistance is gaining membership in other tuna fishing organizations in the other oceans. If they address their shortcomings and register more vessels in the currently operated Atlantic Ocean, and also become members of the Pacific and Asian Ocean organizations, they will greatly increase their income. There are some vessel operators that come to all the way to Curaçao to show their willingness to register their vessels. Transforming from a simple government office into an independent Fishing Authority is a must for the sustainable development of the fishing industry. That economic opportunities for Curaçao in the oceans exist is a fact. Quantified, it represents millions of dollars in economic activity and hundreds of high – quality jobs. What is needed is a government that is open and willing to invest in developing neglected, highly profitable sectors of the economy.