Marketing for Romance Writers Newsletter July, 2017 Volume # 10, Issue #7 - Page 6

SEELIE KAY (Cont.) KINKY BRIEFS BLURB EXCERPT When boredom overtakes a young lawyer toiling away in the back room of a law firm, she begins to spin kinky scenarios and outrageous tales about arrogant attor- neys, bodacious colleagues, cranky judges, and sultry sup- port staff. Her vivid imagination provides a titillating look into the legal world through a series of stories that may shock some and inspire others, but will almost always leave hearts beating just a little bit faster. Whether the story concerns a dominant judge who seeks to correct the behavior of a newbie judge through kinky tactics or an international lawyer’s erotic encounter with a Sheikh, love almost always wins. After all, what good is fantasy if you don’t find happiness in the end? Ashley used a fork to ping her flute of champagne and looked around the room. “I can’t even begin to tell you what a great honor it has been to work with all of you these past few months. However, I would be lying if I told you law was my first choice of occupations…. Some of the lawyers in the room chuckled, and a few of the younger ones nodded in agreement. “So, since I only have only five months until I be- come a wife, and then eventually, a mother, I want to make sure I leave no stone unturned. I have accepted an- other internship. I have lots of time to be a lawyer, so no, I will not be headed to the Supremes or the F.C.C., or even one of the big ten law firms. Instead, I am going to join the circus.” ***** Amazon Review by C. D. Meyer: “What an amazing book. Seelie Kay has a fantastic imagination and amazing understanding of those in the legal world. I read the book in one session and was wanting more. I hope the next volume comes out soon. This is a must read!” -reviews/ R14JK6ZRMUDGFF 6