Marketing for Romance Writers Newsletter July, 2017 Volume # 10, Issue #7 - Page 5

SEELIE KAY (Cont.) INTERVIEW MFRW: SK: MFRW: Why did you decide to write romance novels? SK: For more than thirty years, I wrote for other people, either as a journalist, a lawyer, or a PR/marketing consultant. However, after I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, then faced with more than six surgeries over a five-year period, I de- cided I needed a change, so I decided to try my hand at romance/erotic fiction. SK: I was once set up on a blind date with the son of a federal judge. We did not hit it off and I never saw him again. Three months later I was watching the nightly news and his photo popped up on the screen. He had murdered his girlfriend with an ax after she tried to break up with him. MFRW: Wow! That’s dodging a bullet. Or an axe. MFRW: How much of your personality and life experi- ences are in your writing? I get asked this question a lot. My short answer is one person could not possibly engage in all the hijinks I have contrived without winding up in a rest home! I am not writing about personal experience. Instead I combine personalities and experiences from my more than thirty years as an attorney to create characters and stories. My personality does come through in the female characters in my book: All of them are strong, independent woman who take responsibility for their choices. SK: City life or country life? E-Book or paperback? Zebras or elephants? My dream is to retire to a hobby farm with aq- uaponic gardens, orchards, a stocked fishing pond, chickens, goats, and a free cooking school for disadvantaged, disabled, and abused children, so most definitely country life. The cooking school is my way of giving back be- cause despite all the challenges, I have had an amazing life. MFRW: Tell us about the scariest thing that ever happened to you. 5 MFRW: SK: Among your own books, do you have a favor- ite book? Favorite hero or heroine? My favorite characters are the international law attorney who becomes involved with a sheikh (also an attorney), and the attorney who runs off to join the cir-