Marketing for Romance Writers Newsletter July, 2017 Volume # 10, Issue #7 - Page 43

May Release BLACK GOLD (Cont.) Excerpt: A late winter sun rose over the eastern horizon in fits and starts, unveiling an exceptional dawn evocative of spring—vivid, serene, and beautiful. Then the pano- ramic wonder unraveled like flower petals unfolding in the sun. It dispelled clouds that had tried all morning to outcast the sky. As it did so, a breathtaking image of the mountain range milieu whisked into view, at first with caution and then all at once, towering over the city in all its magnificence. Jessica stood transfixed, her face softened, her eyes widened, her right hand clasped over her mouth. She exhaled and propped her head on the arms of the tall man behind her and absorbed the view in silence. It was an atypical morning in Monte Carlo, the dazzling capital of the Principality of Monaco, Jessica’s first, and only choice for a honeymoon destination… Publishing Info, Buy Links, and Contact Info: Publisher: AuthorSuite Books ISBN: 978-1521275146 Amazon ASIN: B07145RDVJ BUY LINKS: Amazon: dp/B07145RDVJ Genre: Literary Fiction Warnings: None Heat Level: PG Format: Print and Kindle e-Book Length: 148 Pages Prices: Print: $9.99 E-Book: $0.99 43 Author Website: https:// Author Blog: https:// Facebook: austin.sam001 Twitter: austin_sam001 Amazon Author Page: https:// 09