Marketing for Romance Writers Newsletter July, 2017 Volume # 10, Issue #7 - Page 10

BARBARA DONLON BRADLEY (Cont.) DOMINATED BY DESIRE BLURB EXCERPT Heather can’t believe she is the only person on Earth who can protect Storm, the ambassador from Vespia. It has something to do with some pheromone the Vespian male exudes. Although everyone tells her she is immune she doesn’t agree. There is something about the man that makes her desire skyrocket whenever she is around him. Storm finds Heather fascinating—bright violet eyes that hold a world of emotions in them. He finds himself drawn to her, wanting her with a depth he never experi- enced before. When she becomes the focal point of sev- eral kidnapping attempts he realizes she’s going to need his protection. It’s the perfect excuse to get to know her better. Heather stood next to her commander, going over everything she had learned about the Vespian society so far. He wanted to be sure she was ready for her next as- signment. She found the idea of guarding the ambassador a bit boring, but she’d done it before and it shouldn’t be a long one. The man was only to be on Earth for a short period of time. Her first glimpse of the Vespian ambassador caught her off guard. She wasn’t sure what she expected, but it wasn’t seeing him coming in like some sort of rock star. Shirt missing exposing tight, sculpted abs, along with well- muscled shoulders and arms. He was the stuff of most women’s wet-dreams and he dressed the part. “That is the ambassador?” She couldn’t keep the shock out of her voice. His jet-black hair held a bit of a blue shine, and he kept running his fingers through the thick locks like he wanted to draw attention to them. He was tall, too. Had to be over