Marketing for Romance Writers Newsletter August, 2017 Volume # 10, Issue # 8 - Page 8

STAFF, ARTICLES, ANNOUNCEMENTS, AND HELP NEEDED ADVERTISE YOUR BACKLIST HELP! We need people to help for- mat and edit the newsletter. We use The Chicago Manual of Style as our guide. You need MS Pub- lisher. Anyone interested in join- ing us? PLEASE contact Rochelle Weber at: mfrwstaff- Put ']]\Y]ܸ'H[HXX[KY[H\[[YHوH\Y\Y\\H›ۙH[\KY[X\›وHQXZܛ\[ۋ[Y[X\\H[YH˜Y\\H[H]]\]Y[X\]YۚYX[\[˂YHYHH܈[ܙH[[]HXZ\[ۈܛH][]\ KQӓԓT܈Y[x&\HHY[X\K[XZ[[H]HYYH[B\\X\˂TPT•HX\\X\˂[\[\][[KBY[[\X][\\Z[˜\]H]\۝\XX\Y\[\\ۋB[[ۜ[ܚ]H\[\X\][[ܚ][\˂\[[H\X\Y']]\\Xx'H]YYBۙ\XZܛ\˘HHB[Y]  HوH[۝XY B[H\YH[X[H[[B[\]]\Y[BX\X\\B\\BۛۂY^BY]܊BXBX[Y\Y]܊B[Y\[Y]܊BZX[H]\ŠY]܊